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A Picture May Not Be Worth A 1,000 Words, but You Need Blog Images In Your Posts: You’ve heard the saying A picture is worth a thousand words.” I’m sure there are quite a few pictures out there like that, but when it comes to a blog post, that isn’t always the case. Even so, you want to make sure your posts are visually appealing and attention grabbing. A Picture May Not Be Worth A 1,000 Words, but You Need Them In Your Posts: Good blog images are an excellent way to accomplish that, but you need them in your post.
A Picture Can Draw Readers In

A blog image will draw readers in and make them read your blog posts. Don’t believe me? Have a look at some of the major news sites, big blogs or even your Facebook feed. It’s the pictures that grab your attention in combination with the post title.

Try to find an image that tells the story of your job. The image should tell at a glance (with the help of the post title) what the blog post is all about. Of course, you not limited to just one image. If it fits the topic, grab a few to illustrate what you’re talking about or show step-by-step progress.

You Need Blog Images For Social Media Shares

We talked about Facebook already and how important images are there to grab your reader’s attention. But it doesn’t stop there. Think about other social sites your audience participates. It doesn’t matter if it’s Pinterest, Instagram or even Twitter. A good image will stand out. Without it, your chances to get the click and more importantly the read and interaction on your blog are slim.

But it doesn’t stop there. As you get traffic to your post, those readers will be more likely to share your post on social media if it has a good image or two. Of course making it easy to share with social media buttons doesn’t hurt either.

Where Do You Get Those Blog Images?

A Picture May Not Be Worth A 1,000 Words, but You Need Them In Your Posts: Now that I have you convinced that you need good pictures, the next question is, of course, where do you find them? You have a couple of different options when it comes to getting pictures.

1) You Can Take Them Yourself – If you’re a decent photographer and can find the subject matter you need, by all means, go ahead and get your blog images. Photography equipment aside, this is the cheapest and most authentic option. The downside is that it takes the time to set up, take the picture, process it after and get it in a format you can use you on your blog.

2) You Can Hire Someone Else To Take Them For You – This is where things can get pricey. But you might get lucky and find a couple of college kids with decent cell phone cameras that can get you the shots you need for a little beer money.

A picture is not worth 1,000 words, what about a Video

3) Get Some Stock Photos – The most time and cost effective method for most of us is to buy stock photography. Sites like IstockPhoto.com and Depositphoto.com will sell you the right to use an image on your blog post for around $2. And since they are huge sites that connect you to thousands of photographers, you can find images on just about any subject with just a few keystrokes. A Picture May Not Be Worth A 1,000 Words, but You Need Them In Your Posts 

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Frequently Asked Questions

blog images

Where do bloggers get their images?

Most bloggers don’t have a photographer and yet have images on their posts. There are several ways that bloggers use to get the right images for their posts.

Some bloggers take pictures for themselves, but this cannot be practical in all scenarios. Other methods include the following:

– using an image that is in the public domain
– getting explicit permission from the image photographer
– using an image that has a Creative Common License and follow the specified terms.

You need to be sure you have the right to use whatever image you plan on using in your blog.

Can I use images on my blog?

Yes you can use images on your blog. In fact, you need to understand that images are a good way to tell your story just as much as the words are.

It is important for you to include the right images on your blog to help you craft and shape your story. You have probably heard of the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.

The images also help your readers to visualize the idea that you are trying to communicate. When you use the right images, your blog gets easier to understand and most readers get to relate with the topic faster.

What images or graphics do you plan to include in your blog?

The graphics and images that you plan for using in your blog have to be relevant to the topic. It is important that you use the right image to help you get your message across effectively.

It is not helpful if you use images and graphics that don’t relate to the subject matter of your blog. This means that you need to be careful when considering the graphic and images that you want to include in your post.

Start by choosing several images that relate to your blog post. Vet each of those images carefully asking yourself whether or not they help complement your blog.

Remember that you have to get images and graphics that compliment not only the words but also the mood and tone for your blog. It is also equally important to consider the audience you are addressing in your blog. Some images are not suitable for certain demographics and you have to consider that.

Can I use pictures of celebrities on my blog?

When writing a blog about celebrities it can be rather challenging especially because you can’t simply run out and snap a picture to use. Now, you can use the pictures of celebrities in your blog, but you need to find a legal way of getting them.

The first option is going through Wikimedia Commons, a free image and photos source which are used according to the photographer specifications.

The second option is getting permission from the photographer of the picture you need to use. When given permission, they will include instructions on how to credit them.

The last option which is difficult and almost impossible is taking the pictures yourself.

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