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Helping Entrepreneurs - Blogging-Online is building a community of trust, respect.

A community where friends meet each day and share advice, make new friends, and connect with people across all marketing networks, and much more.

This community is worth spending time learning and embracing the power of 50 plus blogging. We strive to provide the latest and most significant information for the 50 Plus Marketing as a community.


Building Online

One of the most important things about building your business online is the fabulous tool, apps, and platforms available to make our jobs as entrepreneurs and marketers much easier!



Choosing Products to Promote, content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing

We Care About You

We Care About You One of the biggest questions in marketing is how to monetize websites and blogs to make and embrace Blogging.

Your Time

Great people and a very active group make this one of the most popular sites on the Web. We look forward to your participation and getting to know you by saving you time and effort.

For more information, you can also email me at or use the Contact Me form here on my Blog. I love to interact with other bloggers and those of you who are thinking about becoming a blogger! Connect with me on TwitterFacebook, and Linkedin, so we can follow each other and get to know each other better!

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My name is Elizabeth Redd. I am, first and foremost, an entrepreneur. I get up every day and sit down in front of my computer, excited about the opportunity to make money online. It is not something I am intimidated to do, and you shouldn’t be either. The Internet is our friend, especially when it comes to earning money. I am a blogger. I put my thoughts down in the form of words, images, and videos right here on my blog for you to see. Blogging is a great way to teach. In my case, the niche I am in is helping people just like you start their niche blog.




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Cutting Edge Blogging with 50 Plus Bloggers Using Tools, Tips, and Resources to Build a Business