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A blog is a web post that’s often informational in manner. A blogger is a person who writes blogs.

Blogs often arranged in a reversed chronological order. Blogs have become the modern communication on most websites, and many cases are the website itself.

Before starting a blog, it’s important to note some predictions that are vital to blogging.

Self Hosting Is Important

As a beginner, some information will be necessary to note. Finding a great WordPress that is self-hosted should be your number one priority. It emphasizes the point of creating your WordPress rather than depending on the free service they offer.

The reason for this is the feel of total control for your blogging work. The latter often offers less power.

My prediction to the start up’s is that one day you will feel the need to stand on your own. By doing so from the start will make it much easier for you.

Publishing Strategy

Once you are more than a beginner, you will want to try out new strategies. It is more than general writing.

You may feel the need to employ the use of videos, pictures and some visual effects. I can say with high confidence that your blog will advance further if you have more than text on it.

It will make your work more appealing. As such you might find yourself using visual effects from other sights.

It’s recommended that you depend on your own for as much content as possible. It’s better to use your photos as it makes you unique. Plus, it invites readers in and encourages them to interact with you.

Email List Building

Over the years having a mailing list that is growing has been a blogging trend. It can be dated as early as 2005, and it’s still active today. I do not see that changing anytime soon.

In simple terms, this is in-boxing as many readers as possible. It has two effects.

1. It increases the number of readers.

2. It ensures that proper marketing of any product via your blogs is successful.

Both the former and the latter is nothing compared to the fact that social media is always changing. It means that they cannot be relied upon to increase the number of readers to your work. Therefore, it’s only through communicating directly to your readers that assures the growth of your blog.

Understanding Your Market

Just like any other field, there will always be competition. Most bloggers assume that they are pros and do very little to no research about what they post.

In the end, this leads to very little traffic since what’s posted is already online somewhere else. It’s essential to use programs that can help you find out what the market needs. It should include what keywords that’s targeted in your niche market.

Apart from that, study the competition to find out where their research is coming from. With this, you can easily outmaneuver the competition.

Content Is Still King

Long content is an excellent way to start. Blog articles of 1000 words or more is a good start!

It indicates you are skilled and you know what you are doing. Lengthy content attracts the attention of many readers. Short content is either ignored or just perused.

Social Media Marketing

One way many bloggers dislike the idea of spending money on their blogs. It is a wrong move, especially as it pertains to marketing your work.

In the business world, there is no such thing as something for nothing. Fortunately, the same applies to the blog.

It’s wise to use social media to perform most of your blog marketing. It is because it’s cheaper and spreads to a broader market quickly.

As soon as you start social media marketing creates a habit of building strong connections. Your social marketing greatly influences your success in blogging.

Some bloggers use spamming, but it rarely works. It is better to build genuine friendships, as they may be of help in the future. It can be achieved by sharing blog posts, social media posts and so on via social media and asking them to return the favor.

Quality Is Important!

Blogging has now become a war zone. Thereby a great strategy is required to do well in it successfully.

Big firms are now placing their money in blogging and social networks, and they expect profitable returns. It would help if you worked smart to outwit these big corporations. It’s achieved by posting the best quality information on your blog that directly speaks to the people whom you share the same interests.

More Predictions

1. To-do lists. Creating a to-do list every day and every month is separating successful bloggers from those who fail.

2. Responsive. Be sure that your blogs are responsive. People view blogs on their desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Responsive blog sizes correctly for the device it is being considered.

Blogging via smartphone will become more standard in the future. Trying out new methods like blogging on your tablet lets you become a mobile blogger.

3. Hire workers. Outsourcing is a method that has proven is working and will become more popular in the future. It helps the blogger seem more prolific than he is.

It employs the concept of specialization and the division of work. I always say do what you like best and outsource the rest if you want your blog to grow.

4. Exercise. Science suggests that sitting for long periods reduces lifespan by ten years. Therefore, it’s essential to take a break after long periods of blogging and stretching or taking a walk can be of great aid.

5. Be secure. All blogging takes place online, so it is logical that security problems will keep on rising. No one is safe from online threats, but a few steps can reduce this danger.

Having an offline backup for your online work is a must. Using some powerful security methods like Secure, this protects your blogging works from all the online threats.

6. Branding. We live in a time that everyone is struggling to be their boss. Therefore personal branding is on the rise.
Some online sites are playing a significant role to ensure that this is possible. Branding on the internet will help you achieve new markets to your blogging.

7. Diversify. Knowing how to diversify your income is an essential skill. Having various sources of income will, in the end, be very useful. In case one fails you have a back-up plan.

Summary: Some Relevant Predictions For 50 Plus Bloggers To Know Before Starting A Blog

It is just a few relevant predictions based on what is happening now in the market. It is better to know them before starting your blog, so you get off on the right track!

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