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Tailor Content: Two of the best tools to help you come up with fresh tailor content ideas are surveys and suggestion forms.

These are great tools because they allow your community to tell you exactly what they want to learn more about, and they can be leveraged again and again. It’s like having your own secret tailor content weapon.

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Here’s how to get started with your own tailor content survey:

Choose a Service – Tailor Content

There are plenty of websites that offer survey software, but many solopreneurs and bloggers find that Formidable Forms is a good solution.

There’s a free version of Formidable Forms you can use on your WordPress website so you can try it out to see if it’s right for you.

If you want to, you can upgrade to the paid version to access more features.

The paid version allows your readers to submit attachments, like their picture. This can be helpful if you plan on sharing the responses submitted.

Boring Questions = Boring Responses

Boring questions are a sure way to guarantee that your survey results will be forgettable.

An example of a boring question would be: “Have you faced roadblocks in building your online business?”

Instead, ask an open-ended question that will make readers pause and think. Try this instead of the question above:

“Thinking back over the last 30 days, what has prevented you from making progress with your business?”

The right questions make all the difference. If you ask questions that only require a “yes” or “no” response, then you’re not likely to get any fascinating responses.

Offer a Reward

The problem with surveys is they don’t offer your readers anything in return for their time.

This makes it harder to get results because your audience would rather be binge-watching their favorite show on Netflix than answering your questions.

If you want responses, offer a reward. Make the reward something your readers will really enjoy, like a discount code or free copy of one of your less expensive products.

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Close your Survey

You may want to think about how and when you’ll close your survey.

If you only need feedback from 200 people, then set your survey to close after it’s been filled out that many times.

Tailor Content: If your discount code or reward is going to expire, make sure the survey expires at the same time, so you don’t end up with angry customers.

Follow up with a Suggestion Form

Tailor Content: After you’ve finished your first survey, put up a suggestion form on your website or blog. This is an easy way to get feedback from your community regularly.

You’ll want to periodically remind them that the suggestion form is still up and running.

Tailor Content: Learn to listen to your community by asking the right questions. Use surveys and suggestion forms to get valuable feedback from your fans and followers.

CTA: Find out how to create compelling content that your community will love when you download your free workbook.

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Using Surveys and Suggestion Forms FAQ

What questions should I ask in a survey?

While doing a survey it’s essential to get to know the target group so you are able to write down the questions to pose to them. The questions should be in the particular interest of study and should cover as much detail as possible so that you get as much feedback.

You should also take into consideration the time on which each respondent will take on a question so you can draft your survey questions quickly.

They type of questions can include:

1. Close-ended question. These are questions that the respondent only has an option of either yes or no to each query. They are mostly used on a survey that has a fixed area of interest, and the researcher only needs your say on it and not judgement or opinion towards more details about the question posed.

2. Open-ended questions. In these questions the respondent has the freedom to express their view on the inquiry in their own words. There is no predefined answer as the researcher would love to know the judgement on the particular topic of a survey through justification from the respondent.

3. Multiple-choices questions. A survey can also include an inquiry where the respondent has various options of answers to choose from instead of having just one solution. The survey researcher will air out or give the choices for the respondent to pick more than one that fits the question asked and respond accordingly.

4. Rating questions . In a survey, one may also include rating questions with a scale so that the respondent can rank the matter on inquiry. The ranking may be from 1-10 or 1-100, depending on the survey preference.

Can Google form surveys be anonymous?

Yes, Google form surveys can be anonymous. When you create the surveys you have an option of either non-anonymous and anonymous based on the requirements.

While doing a study. and you want to make the respondent anonymous, it’s quite easy because all you need to do is leave the collect email unchecked. It will enable the end-user to get to take the survey without having to drop his or her email or name into the response. In this you will simply be creating a Google form that doesn’t require signing in by the respondent, and thus their identity remains unknown.

How do you write a good survey?

While doing any survey, it’s quite essential to keep your language first as simple as possible. It will enable you to get the respondent to understand the matter of inquiry well and, thus, quality responses.

Your questions should be as per the topic, short, and with much detail on the particular interest as possible. Questions are what give you feedback and data during your survey, and thus you need to make them as thorough as possible.

Also, the questions need to have a response mechanism, which is the way to answer them. Ensure that your respondent has details on how to respond to each question posed to them.

It is better if you have different types of questions to have different ways to answer them. Let your questions be logically arranged so that one can easily and be fast in responding as there is easy maneuverability.

How do you create an effective questionnaire?

Questionnaires are a great way to conduct a survey and research. As you do it you should, therefore, aim at being effective as much as possible. It can be achieved by being simple in your texts and straight to the point in the questions asked.

Secondly you need to choose the best delivery method so that you can collect as much as possible. It can be done via computer as this reaches as many people who should give you the data you need in large numbers. Apart from just the numbers, you get to question different types of people who will provide you with different views, which is a plus to your questionnaire inquiry.

Finally you can be smart by posing the same question twice differently to avoid issues of biases and give you the truth.

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