What Makes Aweber Important for Your Email Marketing List

by Elizabeth Redd
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Email marketing is often a misunderstood term for anyone who has never used it. Nearly everyone has experienced getting emails for products or services.


For businesses or entrepreneurs who want to grow their brand email marketing is a must! Email marketing gives you the repetition needed for branding as well as making sales and other benefits.

Aweber is an email marketing and management service that has consistently been at the top of the list for marketers since its inception in 1998. Now for those who don’t see the value in email marketing, and think it’s “old” technology, let’s look at some situations why it’s an integral part of any profitable business and how Aweber offers the best solution.

Why Email Marketing?

In our modern social media age, many people would think that collecting emails isn’t necessary when they have all their contacts on Facebook, Twitter. However, users don’t have access to the most valuable data these companies collect, email!

Each one of these platforms collects people’s emails for a reason. It’s simply the most efficient and profitable way to market to users.

Since you don’t own these platforms, if they were ever to change, or if they shut down like Vine did for example, then you’ve lost all your contacts unless you had their emails yourself. That could be devastating to any business that relies solely on other platforms without building their email list.

That is why you see so many Internet marketers using social media to build their email lists. By driving traffic from their social sites to a landing page or blog with a sign-up form to their autoresponder.

Aweber Delivers

Here is a real-world example of why you need an email management service like Aweber. If you were to collect emails manually and saved them in your email contact lists, then you’d be able to do that for dozens or maybe even a hundred users.

How would you manage this, and more importantly how would you email this list with your latest product offerings? More than likely you’d get banned by your email provider for spamming.

If you wanted to track clicks or conversions, you could not do it manually.

Aweber provides some key features for email marketing. Let’s look at them in the rest of this article.

1. Unlimited Email Lists

For one fee of around $20 a month, you can build as many lists as you want.

As an example, you could have a list for cooking information, how to make money online info, and so on. That allows you to be in multiple business niches at one time without spending any more to send out the emails.

2. Email Templates

Often Internet marketers are what we lovingly refer to as a newbie.

You may not know how to do email marketing. Aweber email templates organize your emails where you supply the information, and the put it in an easy to read and professional format.

3. Email Autoresponders

That is an automatic way to send an email.

The minute a subscriber supplies their email address you can have it set up to immediately hear from you via email without even knowing you have done it. That is excellent for your list!

4. A/B Split Testing

That is good when you are trying to see what web page performs best, or what product sells best.

Divide your email list into two groups and send out two different emails. Monitor which shows best.

5. Superior tracking and email Analytics

Aweber is second to one when it comes to autoresponder results tracking.

As your online business grows, it becomes imperative to improve sales results and expenses. Aweber provides a variety of analytics you can use to determine what is working and what is not working in your email marketing campaigns.

Advanced Delivery Technologies

Setting up your Aweber email campaigns is easy.

They have the best technology on the market to get you emails through spam filters once you have it set up. Higher delivery rates mean more potential sales for you!

Customer Phone Support

The only dumb question is the one you do not ask.

Aweber is there to support you along the way. Contact them via email, text, chat, or phone for fast support!

There are also dozens of other features available that help to better manage and grow your lists. Now the one key characteristic that will save businesses countless hours and provide nearly unlimited earnings potential is in their email autoresponder.

Automatic Profits

Autoresponder emails perform the valuable tasks of connecting with your customers 24 hours a day. When a sign up for your list setting up a series of automatic (autoresponder) emails can save your company thousands of dollars versus having to write a response email for all your new customers manually.

These autoresponder emails can also be used to automatically sell your products or services thus generating potential sales indefinitely. Just think of this as having a team of people writing, connecting, and selling to your customers without the need for trivial things like sleep.

Autoresponders are just one of the many powerful features available, but from this simple example alone, you can see why email marketing with Aweber is a must for your business.


  • One business expense that you just cannot afford to do away with is your autoresponder. As a matter fact if you lost everything with your online business if you still had your email list you could continue to function and make money online.

  • The reason that the top Internet marketers around the world use Aweber is because of all the various reasons I have just written. It’s important to your business, and it’s important to your email marketing list to handle this function in the best way possible, and Aweber helps you do that!

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