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The 21 WordPress popular plugins free download located below may be used when you start your first blog. 50 Plus Bloggers know the value plugins can offer to your blog when used correctly.

First, blogs do not always have the necessary features to enhance your appearance and ensure a more appealing presentation. It is when the option of plug-ins or add-ons is advantageous.

The essential plug-ins include those involved in the promotion and maintenance of a website or blog. Many of them installed automatically, and additional plug-ins or add-ons are merely updated versions of plug-ins.

Plugin In List

Akismet Plugin

Akismet checks your comments and contact form against a global database of spam. This helps to prevent your site from publishing malicious content.

Google XML Sitemap

Google XML Sitemapis a plugin in used to improve SEO. It will create individual XML sitemaps which will help with search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask.com to better index your site.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 manages multiple contact forms. Plus you can customize the structure and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup.

Jetpack by WordPress.com

wordpress pluginsJetpack by WordPress.com helps you create and customize your WordPress site from start to finish.

Jetpack helps you with:

⦁ Hundreds of professional themes for any site⦁ Intuitive and powerful customization tools⦁ Unlimited and high-speed images and videos content

Hassle-free design, marketing, and security – all in one place.


WooCommerce is a FREE eCommerce plugin that allows you to sell anything, beautifully. Built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, WooCommerce is the World’s favorite eCommerce solution that gives both store owners and developers complete control.

Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security includes an endpoint firewall and malware scanner that was built from the ground up to protect WordPress. Their Threat Defense Feed arms WordFence with the newest firewall rules, malware signature, and malicious IP addresses it needs to keep your website safe.

Top SEO PLugin

Yoast SEO

Use the Yoast SEO plugin when you need some help with your search engine optimization? Yoast SEO is the original WordPress SEO plugin since 2008. It is the favorite tool of millions of users, ranging from the bakery around the corner to some of the most popular sites on the planet.

WP Super Cache

The WP Super Cache plugin generates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress blog. After HTML files are created your webserver will serve that file instead of processing the comparatively more cumbersome and more expensive WordPress PHP scripts.

The static HTML files will be served to most of your users:

⦁ Users who are not logged in.⦁ Users who have not left a comment on your blog.⦁ Alternatively, users who have not viewed a password protected the post.

Listed below are some more plugins you might want to check out.

Hit Counter

Hit Counter Max is a simple WordPress plugin. It embeds a rotating counter in your blog and shows the number of visits your website has.

One Signal Plugin

OneSignal is a way to increase user engagement. They send visitors targeted push notification, so they keep coming back.

Icegram Plugin

Icegram is the best plugin to quickly create an attractive option and call to actions of your choice. Show them to targeted visitors and convert them to customers and fans.

All-In-One WP Migration Plugin

All-In-One WP Migration plugin plugin exports your WordPress website, including the database, media files, plugins, and themes with no technical knowledge required. Upload your site to a different location with a frag and drop in to WordPress.

Really Simple SSL Plugin

Really Simple SSL PluginReally Simple SSL Plugin automatically detects your settings and configures your website to run over https. To keep it lightweight, the options are kept to a minimum. The entire site will move to SSL.

WP Fastest Cache Plugin

WP Fastest Cache creates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress blog. When a page is rendered, PHP and MySQL are used. Therefore, the system needs RAM and CPU.

If many visitors come to a site, the system uses lots of Ram and CPU, so the page is rendered so slowly. In this case, you need a cache system not to render page again and again. Cache system generates a static HTML file and saves.

WPS Hide Login Plugin

WPS Hide Login is a very light plugin that lets you quickly and safely change the URL of the login form page to anything you want. It doesn’t rename or modify files in the core, nor does it add rewrite rules. The plug in only intercepts page requests and works on any WordPress website.

WordPress Popular Plugins Free Download

Smush Image Plugin

Smush Image Resize, optimize, optimize, and compress all your images. With this incredibly powerful and 100% free WordPress images masher brought to you by the super team at WPMU Dev!

Tidio Live Chat Plugin

Tidio Live Chat Plugin is a live chat service that allows you to communicate with your customers quickly, also with the help of chatbots.

It is designed specifically for the WordPress community. Once you install the plugin, you will be ready to take full advantage of the benefits our service provides. A free plan is available!

Facebook Live Chat Messenger

facebook chatFacebook Live Chat Messenger Description

⦁ Support your customers via Facebook Live Chat. Start a conversation on your website.⦁ Facebook Messenger has over 800 million active monthly users⦁ Free and convenient. Permanent chat history available for both store owner and customer

Free – First 1,000 customer visits per month. The basic version of all tools. Perfect for new website owners.

UpDraft Plugin

UpDraft Plugin simplifies backups and restoration. It is the world’s highest-ranking and most popular scheduled backup plugin, with over two million currently-active installs.

Backup your files and database backups into the cloud and restore with a single click!

Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker plugin will monitor your blog looking for broken links and let you know if any are found. Once installed, the plugin will begin parsing your posts, bookmarks (AKA blogroll), and other content and looking for links. Depending on the size of your site, this can take from a few minutes up to an hour or more. When parsing is complete the plugin will start checking each link to see if it works. Any WordPress Popular Plugins Free Download list has to include some type of broken link checker.

Summary: The First 10 (FREE) Downloaded WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins provide you with a variety of different plugins to set up your blog pages.Set realistic goals. Check them daily and recommit to it on an ongoing basis. Know why you want it as well as what you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best WordPress plugins?

When you create a WordPress site, there are thousands of plugins that you can use on your site. You don’t need all of them obviously, but it is important to know which plugins are the best ones to have.

• HubSpot
• Yoast SEO
• Google XML Sitemaps
• Contact Form 7
• Akismet
• Jetpack
• Limit Login Attempts

These are some of the most popular plugins you want for your site, but definitely not all of them.

What are the most popular WordPress plugins and their functions?

There are a lot of popular WordPress plugins that are needed for a site online, and you are going to learn more about them here, along with what their function is for your site.

1. Yoast SEO – This is a must have because it will help to find ways for you to improve your onsite SEO.

2. Contact Form 7 – People need to have a way to contact you when you have a business, and this is one of the most popular and easier forms to use.

3. Akismet – This is usually already installed with each new WordPress installation, but not always. It is a plugin that will help protect your site from comment spam.

4. W3 Total Cache – This plugin will help to improve the speed of your site, so that everything loads quickly.

5. Smush image Compression – Using images on your site is important, but that can slow down your site. This plugin will allow you to have quality images without slowing down your site because it will reduce the size of the image.

6. Google XML Sitemaps – Having a sitemap of your site makes it easier for search engines and your readers to be able to navigate your site.

7. WordFence – The security of your site will be better with this plugin protecting it because this is an all in one security plugin.

8. NextGen Gallery – This makes adding multiple images to your site easy.

9. Jetpack – You will get multiple extensions with this plugin for your site including site security, enhanced site performance, social sharing, image optimization and more.

10. OptinMonster for WordPress – With this plugin, adding a pop up to your site for lead generation or email marketing is easy to do.

11. Limit Login Attempts – You want this on your site to help keep it more secure because this plugin is going to lock out anyone that has a certain number of failed login attempts. That will keep your site safer for everyone.

What plugins do I need for WordPress?

There are some plugins that are a must for any WordPress site, but there are others that you are going to need specifically for your site. You are the one that has to decide which ones are a must for your WordPress site, but some of the needed plugins are as follows.

• Yoast SEO
• WP Forms
• Akismet
• W3 Total Cache
• Smush image Compression
• Google XML Sitemaps
• WordFence
• NextGen Gallery
• Jetpack
• OptinMonster for WordPress
• Limit Login Attempts

How do I show plugins on a WordPress page?

To show plugins on a WordPress page, you can make a list of the plugins, and add a description to them. Most plugins you are not going to want shown on your site, but a list is the easiest way to do it. When using these plugins, most can be used on a page by using the drag and drop feature in the back office of your site.

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