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Email List Building through eBooks and Kindle Books

Email List Building through eBooks and Kindle Books. Let’s talk about a fun and creative way to grow your list that’s underused. Do you sell or give away eBooks?

They can be PDF documents or any other format you use.


How about Kindle books? Have you thought about writing and selling eBooks on Amazon?

Using eBooks and Kindle Books to Build your Email List

Email List Building: It doesn’t matter how or where you sell your electronic books, they are a perfect medium for growing your list.

This strategy works particularly well if you’re selling at least some of your books to audiences outside of your circle of influence.

With Amazon Kindle that happens as others discover your books and Amazon cranks up its marketing machine and recommends your book to readers with interest in similar books.

Email List Building: But it also happens when affiliates promote your other eBooks, or readers find them in popular marketplaces like Clickbank and JVZoo or via social media and search engines.

How to take Advantage of eBooks and Kindle Books

Take advantage of any instance where your eBook (be it paid or free) reaches further than your blog or website.

Here’s how you do it. Think of the topic of your book. Is there something else your readers would be interested?

Even better, try to come up with complementary content that would make an excellent printable.

For example, if you have a Kindle cookbook, offer printable versions of the recipes. If you have written a how-to book, create a printable checklist or workbook that readers can use as they work through the book.

Email List Building: The idea is to entice most of your readers to click through, sign up for your list and download the printable.

For that to happen, be sure to mention the offer for the extra content several times throughout your book.

Email List Building through eBooks and Kindle Books: For fiction books, you can go a few different routes depending on your genre and your writing.

Do you have a short story or novella written that gives further insight into one of your main characters?

Maybe it’s a prequel. It might be a little side-story that didn’t make it into the main book. Offer that as a free download for subscribers.

 If your fiction world involves a vast, sprawling family, make a pretty family tree graphic and offer it as a printable download.

If you’ve created a whole new world or a new vocabulary, create a printable map. You could even create a small dictionary of terms for your readers to get them on your list.

Email List Building through eBooks and Kindle Books

Email List Building through eBooks and Kindle Books. Get creative and come up with something fun or useful that will make them want to sign up.

If nothing else, be sure to set up an opt-in page where readers can sign up to notified of future book releases.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is email list building?

An email list is a way for you to collect email addresses from potential customers by using different campaigns for email address collection. The email list building is what is done as those email addresses are collected into one list that has been created about a specific niche or topic.

Email lists vary in size as potential customers subscribe to the list, and provide the email address you are trying to collect. This list can grow or decrease as people sign up or leave your list. Building your email list is an ongoing process that will be done for the length of your business ventures.

How do you start an email list?

Starting an email list is not as difficult as it may seem. The first step in creating an email list is to find the right email list software. There are many different email list software or autoresponders that can be chosen to create and build your email list.

A few of the most popular and easy to use email list software options include:

Constant contact

These are just a few of the popular options available. It is up to you to do your homework, and research each one of these, along with others you find on your search, to help you find the right one for your email list building needs.

Once you have decided on the right software or platform to use for your email list, the next step is to create your list building campaign. Each platform will be a bit different, so there will be a small learning curve to figure out how to use what you have chosen.

After you are educated on the software or platform, creating the email campaign is easy to do. It will mean creating different emails about your blog topic that can be sent out to your list subscribers over a period of time. There will be different emails scheduled to go out on different dates, to keep your email subscribers interested in what you are offering them.

It’s as simple as following these two steps to get your email list started within a short amount of time.

How can I make my email list faster?

When creating an email list for your business, growing that list quickly is what all business owners want to achieve. There are multiple methods that can be used to help with growing your email list faster.

Some of the easiest and most effective methods used to achieve this goal include:

1. Create and use multiple sign up forms – On your website or blog, create and use multiple sign up forms, so that everyone that visits will have the chance to opt-in to your list from multiple places. Create a form that is put on the side of your site, and on the bottom of your site.

2. Use an exit pop-up – Create an exit pop-up for your site that people will see before they leave your site. This will give them a chance to opt in before they actually leave.

3. Create giveaway and contests – People love to win free items, and many of them will be willing to provide their email address to you for the chance to win. This is an easy and effective way for making your list faster.

These are just a few of the many ideas that can be found online for building your list faster. Take some time to get creative, and have fun with building your list. That will make it more enjoyable for you, and for the potential customers that subscribe.

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