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Let’s learn about a visible but effective method of finding super affiliates. Contests. Other contests. First, you should join several affiliate programs that sell products that your audience will like, and you should too.

Finding Super Affiliate: Remember, no one is your competition, they’re just a compliment to you if they offer something valuable to your audience. It is especially true if you can still earn money off your referral.

Ways to Finding Super Affiliates

Join Affiliate Lists

Go to JVZOO or other digital product affiliate platforms to find products that are selling well in your niche and join their programs.

It is the best way to find out about contests, see how they do things, and even to get known because you will likely end up invited to their private groups where you can engage with people.

Find Contests

Finding Super Affiliate: When you join the lists, focus on the programs that offer contests and list the leader board for all the affiliates to see. Note the top ten members in each program and then find their websites and join their lists.

Collect Names

You may even want to collect the names of the top 25 affiliates if it’s a high-converting product with high payouts.

Put the names into a spreadsheet. Note where you found them, their website address, and keep track of their email marketing methods by joining.

Perfect Your Offerings

Based on how they’re promoting the products, use that information to improve your offerings.

It’s likely they’re using the materials the product creator​ supplies, but how do they make it better?

Finding Super Affiliate: Do they offer upsells or bonuses for buyers? Do they seem to have a unique discount code that other affiliates don’t have? Perfect your offerings so that you’ll be competitive with these types of members.

Engage in Groups

When you get into these groups that the product creators create for the affiliates, it’s important not to be a wallflower.

Instead, if someone asks a question and you know the answer, help in the group if it’s permitted.

The more you participate and add value to the group, the more you’ll be noticed, and they’ll recognize your name when you do reach out.

Contact them with Your Offer

Finding Super Affiliate: When you know, they know who you are due to having engaged with them, and your offer is ready, go ahead and approach them by sending an email to their email.

It means you need to have engaged with them enough to get their email so that you don’t have to approach them via their contact form.

Another way to contact them is through PM if you’ve previously had PM conversations.

When you use this method, it’s essential that you don’t just email them cold without them having an idea of who you are.

Finding Super Affiliate Success Systems through Contest

Improve your approach each time.

Finding Super Affiliate: One way to do that is to sign up for their products if they have some. If clients don’t have products of their own, sign up for their lists, it will give you an idea of how they do business.

Once you get known within the niche you want to promote; it’s going to be easier to attract super-affiliates.

You may need to reach out first. You may hear crickets. But you may also get a response. You won’t get anything if you don’t try and try again.

Finding Super Affiliates

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Finding Super Affiliates Through Affiliate Contests FAQs

Finding Super Affiliates Through Affiliate Contests FAQs

How do I find my competitors’ affiliates?

The first thing you need to do is not be squeamish about stealing someone else’s affiliates. There is no law that states that affiliates have to be loyal to just one vendor so convincing them to join you is legal.

You will need to use a program like SpyFu to help you. The second thing you do is type in your competitor’s domain and then look for backlink buttons. Limit the results you get to affiliate links then use keywords to narrow your results down even further

Next, remove any duplicates you may find and finally export the list to a handy CSV file. The key would be to find the right spy program that works best for you.

Where can I find affiliate products to promote?

There is a myriad of ways to find affiliate products you can promote. The hardest way is to contact different businesses individually and ask them if they work with an affiliate. If they have never heard of that marketing tool, you can explain it to them.

The easiest ways are to sign up at one of the numerous affiliate marketing platforms. Wealthy Affiliate is one such option. Clickbank is another and Amazon is a third. The only thing you have to watch out for is that some of these affiliate marketing platforms allow a lot of scams and get rich quick schemes to dominate their products.

Take the time to read the small print and learn how much commission you will make from the different products. Amazon is the lowest commission paying affiliate marketplace at this time.

Is Super Affiliate Network legit?

You are going to hear both sides of the coin on this online affiliate training program. Those that give it a positive review are generally affiliates looking to make a commission. They need to have the program sound good in order to convince people to sign up.

Those offering negative reviews often praise the Super Affiliate Network for its training program but nothing else. In fact, the multi learning stages are the key to it not being a legitimate company. You are paying between $47 and $12,000 for the training that you can get anywhere else for basically no cost.

The other problem in declaring this company legit is its disclaimer. While the home page says it is empowering its members the disclaimer says that not all who sign up will make any money.

It also says that you will spend between $3,000 and $12,000 PER year using their system and less than 2% of the members make enough to cover their costs. The only legit thing about this is you are helping to make the owner richer.

What is the highest paying affiliate program?

The affiliate marketing platform is very competitive. While one source says that WP Engine is the highest another is saying that Spocket Partner Program is the highest. They also put Wealthy Affiliate at #3.

Basically, you have quite a few opportunities to be paid well even if you do not go with the highest paying affiliate program out there

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