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Domain Name That Gets Noticed: There are plenty of domain names available you can choose from for your blog. The question is, how do you search for the right one for you?

Your domain name is your identification and foundation on which your customers or readers will react. It is a big decision which will stay with you for a long time.

It is imperative you adopt adequate care and consideration before selecting a domain name. Today we are going to teach you how to choose the perfect domain name that gets noticed for your blog.

Domain Name That Gets Noticed: It will help you get your blog noticed, and get more audience. After all, your domain name is by itself an SEO ranking factor, and choosing one that is relevant to your niche will help you do better.

Here are some tips to help you.

Relate to Your Brand – Good Domain Name

Your domain name should be synonymous with your brand or company name. People should relate to your brand when they read or come across your URL.

For example, you may have a confectionary called Baker’s Paradise. It is better to come up with a name like “BakersWorld” rather than some generic term like “BestCakeShop.”

The first name will make people think of your brand when they see it. They are more likely to visit your blog as well.

Easy to Remember and Pronounce

Research has shown that humans find it easy to remember and store information which is easily recognized by us. Using a domain name like “BakersChoice” is far better than “SumptousBakers” which is hard to remember.

You may wonder why your domain name needs to be easily pronounced, as people will type your URL and not say it. The reason is same as stated above.

Humans find it easy to remember words which can be easily pronounced. Easy is always good on the Internet today.

Blog Name that gets Noticed – Keep It Short

Domain Name That Gets Noticed: Nobody likes to remember long names. Do not get carried away using long keyword phrases or long domain names.

The ideal name should be between 2 to 7 letters as longer names of over ten letters cause more damage than benefits. Also, long URLs will not show up entirely in search results, social media posts, and referrals.

It does not make sense to make only a part of your domain name visible to readers. If they want to type, they will not do so if it is too long.

Noticed Sensible Use of Keywords for Domains

Using keywords for proper ranking in search result pages is a good consideration while creating your domain name. However, prevent yourself from stuffing too many keywords or using them without making any sense.

The keyword ridden domain names that worked in the past are not suitable for 2017. They have many negative issues, and users and search engines tend to steer away from them.

It’s a good idea to have the primary keywords right in the domain name, but if it’s not there, don’t worry. Most brands can make their domain name stand out by creating a brand of its own.

For instance, there are sites like Medium or Apple that don’t tell what they do. They are one of the most popular websites people look at, and it’s their authority that Googles considers for SEO.

Appropriate Domain Name Extension

Dotcom is still the most popular and global extension used by websites. It has an international appeal, and many people type “.com” at the end of a domain name without thinking twice.

Adopting .com can give you increased traffic, but you may also go for other extensions like .net depending on your needs. One useful trick is to buy multiple extensions and redirect them to your primary website.

Avoid Imitation – How to choose the Best Domain Name

Make sure the domain name you want is not similar to any other brand or company. It will create confusion among the readers and can also cause legal issues.

Try a unique name which is different from any famous company. You may modify your domain name a bit to make it different from similar sounding names.

Picking A Good Blog Domain Name the Traditional Way

Select a domain name that is easy to identify with the product. For example, if you’re selling a placard, you can have a domain name with the word ‘placard’ in it.

It helps Google rank your website higher because of product relevance. You can choose your domain name and then connect it to your WordPress blog. Here is how you can do it.

How to Install the DNS Server with Your Blog Domain Name

Getting A Blog Domain Name: Installing the DNS server is important, so visitors can view your site when they type in the domain name you have registered. In most cases, if your hosting provider and the domain name provider is the same, you do not have to tinker with the DNS server.

However, if you’ve bought your domain name from a different hosting provider, you might have to do a few changes. If you need to install, a DNS server takes a look at the FAQ section of your hosting provider.

It will detail how you can go about changing it. Primarily, it involves adding your domain name and DNS address in the right places within the Control Panel.

Choose WordPress As Your CMS

Once you’ve set up your domain name, it’s time to set up the Content Management System that you are planning to use for posting online. When installing your blog on hosting providers like GoDaddy, choose WordPress.

It is easy to install WordPress, and you need to follow the below steps.

– Go to your Web hosting account and settings.

– You will see a WordPress option. Search around to find it in sections like Apps if it’s not readily visible.

– Click Install Now on WordPress and select the domain you wish to use. Also, select the Directory you want to install in.

– Enter your username and password and wait for the installation to complete.

Domain Name That Gets Noticed: Your WordPress account is now active with the domain name you want. As you make blog posts, along with your unique domain name, ranking higher on Google search results gets easier over time.

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Getting A Blog Domain Name

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I name my blog site?

The blog name should convey the use of your site. That will be good for getting followers who often search for directories or blogs using the category online. In case a person is searching for a blog about handbags, they will need to see one with a name that contains a handbag.

Bookmark you and your name on your blog, and your fans will connect you to yours. One of the significant advantages of choosing your name as a domain name is that you can decide to use it for your website and promote your brand.

What is the right domain name for a blog?

When searching for a domain name, choose the “.com” extension, especially if your target audience is in Europe, Asia, and the United States, or use the most popular extension for your audience.

The average cost of a .com domain name is accessible to everyone per year. However, the other extension can be much cheaper. From a visitor’s point of view, adding .com .com will be taken more seriously and credibly. We recommend that you use “.com” if you are serious about your business. It is also the most widely accepted and widely accepted extension.

How do you capture the attention of your blog?

Social networks

Using YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any website where you communicate with others is a great place to start. When you tell others about your blog, try to share some of its content, but don’t give up on everything. Try to highlight some of the best points. Here you must create a link to your site that they can click on immediately.


Just write a short paragraph with some highlights on your blog. Again, having a link that can be clicked directly on your blog will make it much more comfortable and less likely that your website URL will be misspelled in the browser.

Paid advertisement

A small investment can start from a few hundred dollars. You can extend this over two months, and with the right strategy, you should be able to recoup your investments with big profits quickly.

How can I notice my blog in 2020?

Write content

Post engaging content that can appeal to a large group of people. Even if you have the most engaging blog in the world, but the content doesn’t welcome your readers, they won’t reread your blog.

Test your blog connection

When you post a new blog post, you can try it out. There are many free ping services available online. This lets significant search engines know that a new post has been submitted.

Build a relationship with your readers

Don’t just focus on creating and publishing a post. Pay personal attention to your visitors. Ask them to provide their feedback and ask them to post helpful comments in their blog post. Many readers can ask a question or request information and give them everything they know. If you have no idea about it, please refer it to an online resource.
Mark your blog

Also, bookmark each blog post on your social bookmarking sites. Search engines quickly capture blogs from social bookmarking sites.

Backlink to your blog

The more backlinks, the better your blog will rank. Put a link to your blog on every page of your website. You can also request a link exchange with many bloggers who blog in the same category.

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