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Elizabeth Redd

Compelling Content

Compelling Content: If you had to choose between a dying community on life support or a thriving community filled with members who generously share their knowledge and time with other members, which community would you want to lead?

You’d choose the second option. You may have even tried to build a community and found yourself frustrated when you only had a few members after all your hard work.

Now you’re wondering what differentiates a dying community from a thriving one.

Compelling content is what makes the difference. When you regularly create compelling content and share it on your blog and with your email list, then your community will begin to flourish.

Here’s what sets compelling content apart from ho-hum content:

Compelling Content Serves a Need

The best content meets a real needs of your audience and connects with their problems.

For example, if you’re a wellness coach that serves busy moms, then you know your clients struggle with making food that’s quick to prepare while still being nutritious.

You could take this information and create a blog post about twelve healthy meals busy moms can make in their slow cookers.

You could also share tips on using a food processor or blender to cut down on time spent in the kitchen.

Once you identify a problem your clients are struggling with, create content that offers solutions.

Compelling Content has your Personality

You know what problem your content will address, and you have a few solutions to offer your audience. Now, it’s time to get started creating content. You may be tempted to share your solutions blandly.

Many solopreneurs and bloggers struggle with letting their personality shine through their content. But the best content has your voice and style.

Your unique style is your best asset. It attracts your audience and makes them think they’ve finally found a leader they’ll love following.

Compelling Content Inspires Readers to Act

When someone has finished consuming your content, they should feel compelled to do something. It might be to buy your product, like your Facebook page, join your email list, or share your content on social media.

But don’t leave this step up to your readers or listeners. Include a call to action at the end of your content. Ask readers to take one small step, like joining your email list or liking your Facebook page. You want to keep it simple here. Don’t ask listeners or viewers to take multiple steps or you’ll overwhelm them. Stick with just one call to action.

Compelling content is essential if you want to build a thriving community. When you regularly offer awesome compelling content, your community will begin to trust you and look to you for guidance.

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Frequently Asked Questions: How To Create Compelling Content

FAQ How To Create Compelling Content

What is compelling content?

Compelling content is one of the essential ingredients for a successful blog and website. The best content will usually answer a question your site visitor wants an answer to. Great content will improve the lives of the person who engages with it, and when this happens, that person will come to the site again and again.

Using highly engaging, compelling content, you will build a valuable relationship with the visitors to your site. By creating compelling content that helps your site blog readers, you will be making a practical impact on their lives, and they will always be grateful for your services.

Compelling Content in Brief

– Purpose-driven content makes an effective call to action.
– Unique, something that people won’t find anywhere else.
– Helps to grow your brand and shows you as an expert in your field.
– Should be useful and relevant to the needs of your audience.
– The content is created in a way that is stylistically in line with your message.

How do I start making content?

When you are starting out, begin with a specific goal in mind. Who are you writing the content for? Have a clear idea of your visitors and ensure that you understand what they are looking for and how they would prefer it to be presented.

What problem are you helping them to address? Once you are clear about the problem your readers’ problems, you can focus on forming a solution for them.

Make a plan. For each piece of content, you create, it’s better to write a draft plan of the work.

Lay out what you are trying to do. Put your content in a coherent and logical order, and then while you write your blog, put your real personality into your writing.

People respond well to a friendly, open personality. Always be kind, understanding, and helpful when engaging with your audience.

Be confident and trust your intuition. The best content is written by people who love what they do and are passionate about their subject matter and the people they are trying to help.

Once you have set realistic goals and laid out your plan, be confident as you write! Trust your research, knowledge, and passion, and you will find that the content you create speaks to your readers, and in this way, you can achieve great results with your calls to action.

How do you make helpful content?

To create helpful content, the first thing you need to do is have a clear idea of what it is your target audience most needs. Once you have established this, you should do some careful research, find and build up solutions, and then present them in an enjoyable way to engage with and motivates your audience to act.

When creating content be 100% sure that you are accurately addressing the needs of your audience; this is the number one aim of every successful blog post!

Use the comments sections to build up a good repertoire with your readers. Personalized responses go a long way in building trust, confidence, and future transactions.

How do I create content for my website?

When you create content for your blog or website, you need to maintain a client-focused approach to the entire endeavor. Every content on your site should reinforce each other’s messages and set you apart as an expert in what you do.

Provide unique value. Answer the questions that people come to your blog to get answers to.

Be engaging, fun, and friendly. Remember you’re in the ring with your audience, so make sure you’re always on their side.

Focus on your own natural strengths. Make the most of your life experience and knowledge to transmit essential truths to your audience.

Use images, videos, and backlinks within your content to maximize the user experience for your readers. A well-chosen video, image, or link can really broaden your audience and provide invaluable information in a catchy, easy-to-digest way.

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  • Hello there! This is an awesome article you’ve got here. I find this post very helpful as a newbie in blogging, for me, this is a great secret to a successful blog. 

    I think creating compelling contents will help me stay focused on my personal niche so as to drive traffic to my site. Thanks for sharing this with me, its helpful!

    • Thanks so much for your comments about my article. I appreciate your input on how to create compelling content when it comes to blogging. Content is a priority when it comes to blogging. It’s great to know that the article was helpful, and I wish you much success in getting lots of content in your future of blogging. You are in the right place to learn and succeed. Let’s keep in touch.
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  • Thank you for your insightful and inspiring article, it’s what I needed so much today! It has motivated me to start writing a new article, which I had been postponing due to lack of inspiration. (I’ve had a rather tough business day today..;)  But as soon as I started reading your post, it made me smile – I loved your analogy of ‘dying community that’s on life support’, hehe! And the idea of writing an article suddenly seemed like something I really wanted to do. I also fully agree about the personality aspect. If a blogger pretends to be someone else, the reader will find out soon and move on to a more genuine writer. Thanks again for giving me a nice kick to get on with my writing!

    • Join the club, Lucie. Sometimes I think about doing nothing when I wake up in the early morning of a day. I just take a little time and sip on my coffee before I can begin to focus on what task I will tackle during the day. It might take a minute before I make up my mind to get it done. “Work” 😊 I want to write a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your comments. It’s rare to find friends with whom you can share information, but also its people like you who make a difference in this world. As one of my old friends would say, “Get Her Done.”

  • Thanks for this awesome article, and I couldn’t agree with you more. I compelling content in the online world is not who can write the most works and present the most facts — BUT someone who can help people solve a problem and tell them how to do so in a brief concise way. 

    So if you know a problem someone is facing and can deliver the solution to it in a quick and compressive way, I think that is what would make good compelling content.

    Now I was wondering, do you prefer writing articles or creating videos or both when delivering content?  

    • I’m not at my best when it comes to videos at this point in the process of learning how to solve the problem of how to get videos done promptly. Writing is my first passion and improving every day. No one achieves success without acknowledging the help of others. Thanks, Michael, for your kind words. I appreciate your input about being flexible when it comes to content.

  • Content creation could be quite challenging and it’s even more so for people who have to do it often, such as bloggers, copywriters, and ghost writers. I work in these fields but coming across this post, I’ve been able to pick up several tips that I find quite motivating and inspirational. It’ll surely help me make the quality of my content better. 

    • I am working every day on improving my articles. It has been a journey to get to this point when it comes to writing articles for my blog. I want to write a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your comments. Thanks, EliteCarol

  • Hello Elizabeth, you have done a great job on this article and I must say lots of people who are failing in this area ill have something to take home and work ourselves after reading this article. I personally agree with the aspect where you said good contents are directed to people and they are pushed to act when they read it and all writer should be focused when writing indeed.

    • Justin, staying focus is a big deal. Sometimes when you need the effort to get into writing, it a significant undertaking. Being focused on just what your article will appeal to others gets to be a problem when not focused on the topic you are writing about and reaching the audience, and getting their attention. I appreciate your comments.

  • I really enjoyed reading this article and I love the way you have everything laid out.  The tips you give are very helpful, especially the one about being engaging, fun, and friendly.  Everyone should learn how to write compelling content whatever their purpose for writing is, so they can bring the reader in and capture their interest.

    • I want to write a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your comments. Thanks so much for your comments about my article I am working every day working on improving my articles. I appreciate your input on how to create compelling content when it comes to blogging. Thanks again Judy

  • Today I was reading another blog and found a review of an oil, for wellness. I had to assume that it was for wellness since the post didn’t even mention what the oil was made for. It was a good example for me of content that don’t address peoples’ needs, as you’ve mentioned. Your content here provides an awesome checklist.

    • Thanks so much for your comments about my article. I appreciate your input on how to create compelling content when it comes to blogging. I’m excited about the checklist being value content. 

  • Great post Elizabeth. Thanks for the insights and information. Creating compelling and captivating content is no easy task! What would you suggest if I get bogged down in the thinking that someone else can say it better/more consciously/more eloquently? There are so many voices out there, even in obscure niches there are so many competing voices… How can I keep my head up and confidently produce my content?

    • When you get bogged down, and the writing gets to be two much hires a writer, which will take away some of the stress of writing articles. I want to write a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your comments. Thanks, Charles

  • Hello there! This is an awesome article you’ve got here. This is one thing every blogger especially newbies should know so as to attain success in online business and I must commend your effort for sharing this with me as it will help me improve the visitors in my site. Thanks!

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    • I appreciate your comments about being able to share information with visitors or others that are interested in the content that I share on my blog. I work on trying to give content that is useful and useable when it comes to blogging. Thanks so much for sharing your comment about my article.

  • It is always an edge when there is the ability to create compelling content. In fact, most people would really be more productive and focus better in achieving things if there is proper focus on compelling contents. It is the only thing that matters and can effect changes very quickly. Thanks so much for sharing this here

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  • For most of us who work online, we must have heard the term”content is key”. This is especially true for those that are into internet marketing. One of the points I strongly hold on to here is that a compelling content should be able to meet the needs of our audience and readers and to effectively do this we need to know who our Target audience is and focus our work at them. This is how we are able to make good content.

    • Thanks, Henderson, so much for your comments about my article. I appreciate your input on how to target your market—writing to benefit the audience and writing compelling content when it comes to Internet marketing. Content is a priority for me when it comes to building material about content that interest Internet Marketing bloggers.

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