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Make Money Blogging. Whether you are an entrepreneur or run a small business, the best way to take your venture to the next level is to start a blog.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a professional developer or designer to make money blogging.

However, the possibilities for running a successful blog are endless if you are tech-savvy and love learning new things.

Here are the world’s top bloggers, most of whom started blogging as a hobby. Today, these top bloggers are making thousands of dollars every month.

  • Pete Cashmore: Mashable
  • Rand Fishkin: Moz
  • Brian Clark: Coppyblogger
  • Peter Rojas: Engadget
  • Pat Flynn: Smart Passive Income
  • Michael Arrington: TechCrunch
  • Arianna Huffington: Huffington Post

Do you want to start a blog and learn the best ideas for making money blogging? Then, keep on reading this guide.

make money blogging

This post will offer a detailed overview of starting a blog and getting the most out of your blogging efforts.

First, you have to develop a blogging plan.

How to Develop a Blogging Plan

Here is a brief overview of how to start a personal or professional blog.

Choose the Purpose of your Blog

Do you want to start a blog that revolves around a medium that serves as a lead magnet for Business? Remember, Blogging is an ongoing process. One of the best ways to figure out the purpose of your blog is to answer this question:

What will this blog offer to the audience?

The answer should be a clear and straightforward statement that will define the purpose of your blog and give you the best roadmap to follow.

Registration and Hosting

A domain name refers root domain of the text, a URL that takes a visitor to your website for those who don’t know.

Hosting is a service that allows businesses and individuals to allow local and global visitors to access their websites through the World Wide Web. WordPress is one of the biggest hosting platforms to help you set up a website, providing affordable hosting solutions.

Other popular hosting services include Wix, Squarespace, HubSpot, and BlueHost, etc.

Design your blog

Once you decide on the domain name and the hosting service for your blog, the next step is to design an intuitive blog that is easy and convenient to navigate.

Decide Who Will Run the Blog

While most bloggers manage all aspects of their blog section, from content creation to uploading and sharing on social media, you can also hire someone who can take care of all these things. If you are setting up a business blog, assigning roles and responsibilities will help you focus on your core business.

Create a Blog Calendar

Being consistent is essential for setting up a blog for long-term success. Creating a blog calendar will help you stick to a schedule and prepare content ahead of time.

Create Compelling Content

Building your blog and increasing your subscribers takes more than writing content. The key is to create detailed and optimized blog posts that educate and inform your subscribers. Check out what Pat Flynn has to say about how to sell while helping people for free.

Girls working on Laptops
Girls working on Laptops

Include CTAs

What’s the point of your blog if you can’t convert any users? CTAs allow readers to explore your services, get in touch with you, buy products, or read more blog posts.

Learn how to place CTA’s in your blog posts to direct your visitors to the appropriate pages to push them through your sales funnel.

Share on Social Media

Don’t forget to share your blog posts on your social media pages. The more you update your profiles, the better visibility you achieve.

Monitor your Blog’s Success

Analyzing the success and progress of your blog is essential for creating future roadmaps. First, decide the most important metrics for you or your Business.

For instance, here are some metrics you can track to measure success.

  • Number of visitors
  • Number of subscribers
  • Number of views per post
  • Number of referrals
  • Number of backlinks
  • Overall traffic

Now that you know how to develop a blogging plan to start a blog, here are some of the most beneficial tips for making money blogging

Business and Blogging Marketing Strategies

Blogging is no longer a hobby. More than 55% of online marketers ranked blogging as their top priority for building a brand.

Businesses needing to improve brand awareness and boost conversions rely on a successful blog to create an online presence.

Here are the stepping-stones for creating a profitable blogging marketing strategy.

Develop a Viable Content Strategy

Your blog should follow a well-formulated content strategy to maintain consistency, from material creation to maintenance and removal.

Identifying what your audience wants to know from your blog is the first step to starting a blog that offers meaningful information.

A man working on a computer
Man working on a Computer

For instance, your blog posts will revolve around improving credit scores and budgeting and debt management tips if you run a credit repair company.

If you sell décor accessories, your blog will focus on updating your audience about the latest home décor styles trending locally or across the globe.

Your blog content strategy helps you create the right blog content at the right time for the right people.

Automate your Blog

While a content calendar is essential for managing your blog well, automation saves you from the hassle of manual labor.

Find the best blog automation tools that can help you streamline your blogging efforts. Use tools like HootSuite and IFTTT can take care of your uploading and sharing tasks.

Update Every Day

Remember to update your blog daily, from sharing milestones to achievements, personal accomplishments, and launching a new service.

Ideally, it would help if you blogged at least once a day or shared something interesting to keep your audience waiting for more.

Promote your Content

Snippets, quotes, pictures, GIFs, videos: creating shareable content is crucial if you want to promote your content on social media and video-sharing platforms.

The next stage is to create a promotional strategy, including partnering with social media influencers, creating hashtag campaigns, or offering a giveaway in exchange for a subscription.

Now you know how to create a business blog to make your brand more visible online.

But the question remains: How to create evergreen content for your blog.

How to Build a Profitable Blog with Evergreen Content?

Here are some tested and proven tips for making money blogging.

Focus on Readers’ Problems when Blogging

Why would anyone want to subscribe to your blog if your content does not provide solutions?

Remember, addressing the common problems of your potential customers is one thing and finding practical and affordable solutions is another.

Be aware of what’s trending. Focus on the current problems and issues that your customers may be facing.

For instance, if you run an HVAC business, your content must be diverse enough to tackle heating and cooling problems that trouble users throughout the year.

For instance, you can explore topics like ‘Common AC Problems in Summer and their Solution’ in the summer season.

However, you must create content around thermostat problems or inefficient heating in winter.

A lady writing a document on a laptop
Pick a Niche

Pick a Niche

Choose a niche or subject that you are passionate about when blogging. In simple words, choose something you can talk about for hours or write hundreds of blog posts over a long period.

You can choose from gardening to auto parts and plumbing. Notice that today’s most successful bloggers started their blogging journey by focusing on a single niche.

Choosing the best niche means you will never have ideas for your blog.

Focus on Quality of Content

Don’t overlook the importance of good content. The latest search engine logarithms make it tricky for content creators and online marketers to rank a blog higher.

Furthermore, you will choose to create a lasting impact on your audience and your existing/potential customers.

The best way to create good-quality content is to make it as useful and valuable as possible.

For instance, creating to-do’s and tutorials and reviewing products or services will help your audience make informed decisions.

Learn SEO

While creating good content allows you to establish your authority online, learning basic or advanced SEO methodologies will take your blog to the next level.

Since nearly 51% of all traffic comes from organic search, appearing on SERPs is one of the best ways to reach your audience.

SEO does a lot more for ranking your blog higher, from fixing broken links to linking your keywords to the appropriate pages.

Focus on long-tail keywords and make sure your blog is responsive and mobile-friendly.

Another way to replace stale content is to update your old blog posts or repurpose them to broaden your reach.

Pay Attention to Loading Speeds

No matter how many subscribers, your audience will have fewer chances of reading what you posted if your blog fails to load quickly.

Therefore, Google considers load speeds a critical part of its ranking process. PageSpeed

Insights can help you learn about the current load speed of your blog for mobile devices and laptop/desktop computers.

In addition, creating clean and intuitive blog design templates will ensure faster load speeds.

Valuable Plugins

Thanks to many plugins, making money blogging is now easier than ever.

If you are new to the world of plugins, this handy software can offer extra features to boost your blog’s traffic, monitor progress, add content, and many other functions.

Make Money while blogging
Make Money while blogging

Amateur bloggers find it tricky to choose the best plugins for promoting their blogs in the best way possible.

Therefore, we offer a few popular and handy plugins that can help you attract more users to your blog.

Everest Forms

This popular plugin is one of the best tools for helping you create forms.

As a blogger, you must provide the necessary information or engage your visitors to build your blog.

This drag-and-drop form builder lets you create contact forms with design layouts and pre-built templates.

Now you can create multiple-column forms within a few clicks. In addition, the fast and lightweight plugin is 100% mobile responsive.

Yoast SEO

Yoast continues to be a viral plugin for personal and professional blogs.

With Yoast, bloggers can maximize their website’s visibility and improve the readability of their posts.

Great for amateur and first-time bloggers, Yoast is a great and affordable way to learn the art of writing optimized content for your blog.

Easy Social Sharing

Sharing blog posts on your social media can be tiring if you manage multiple profiles.

This incredible plugin will help you promote your blog on your social media outlets.

Thanks to Easy Social Sharing, bloggers can benefit from various social share buttons for quick and convenient sharing.


If you are looking to improve the security of your blog, there is no other plugin than Jetpack to secure your blog.

Jetpack gives you just the correct information you need to restore information and back up your blog without hassle. In addition, the plugin offers protection software for spam and malware.

Marketing your Business with Social Media

Your blog marketing lifecycle features social media as an essential component.

That’s because overlooking the role of social media in your blog marketing strategy is no longer an option.

As soon as you write a post and publish it to your blog, sharing it on your social media profile is the next step.

Equipment to use with the laptop

Learn to create optimized and customized content for unique social media platforms. That will help you get more likes, shares, and views.

For instance, here are the best ways to get the most out of your social media profiles to improve your blog’s visibility.

  • For Facebook: Promote a blog on a trending or provocative subject
  • LinkedIn: Longer-form blog posts aiming to solicit responses from followers
  • Twitter: Promote a quote, statistic, or findings from a blog to capture the attention

Final Thoughts

Make money blogging. Now you know how to start a blog and incorporate the best tools for making money blogging.

But don’t forget that the secret of long-term success lies in creating original and unique content.

So, don’t copy your rivals blindly; brainstorm unique ideas to help you capture more attention and build an impressive list of loyal subscribers.

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No credit card or payment of any kind! It is 100% free.

My Main Goal is to build a valuable Blogging company. I hope this information can be a helpful starting point for your Blogging.

Hard work requires and remains valid for any business you want to build online.

If you read “The Best Tips to Start a Blog and How to Make Money Blogging.” thank you. I’m guessing you’re serious about building an online business.

So, keep an eye out for my blog posts, as I will keep updating you with different blogging tactics and techniques.

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