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Mistakes to avoid once you start blogging: Blogging is an excellent way to advertise your business and get your name out where people see it. Being new at blogging. If you want to be successful; it is important to know the most common mistakes that beginning business bloggers make so that you can avoid them.


Mistake #1: Blogging About Whatever Comes to Mind

When you are blogging, topic ideas can come to you at random times. You could be driving to work, taking a shower, or cleaning the house when an idea comes to you.

It can be a good thing as long as the topic ties into your industry. You want your readers to be able to get answers to specific questions that they might have.

If you come up with an idea that has nothing to do with your business or what you hope to achieve, resist the temptation to write about it. Not only is it a waste of time, but it will also confuse your customers.

Mistake #2: Your Writing Seems Too Stiff

A person without any blogging experience will often start out as if they are writing a term paper. While this is fine for a class, it is not the style of writing that people enjoy reading.

When a person starts reading a blog post, most will not read the blog post all the way through. It is up to you to keep them interested and make your blog easy to read.


  • Mistakes to avoid once you start blogging: Rather than citing facts and statistics, you should write as though you are talking to an old friend. You shouldn’t be afraid to use contractions. You want the language in your blog to be more conversational than technical.

Mistake #3: Thinking That People Care About You as a Writer

Many beginning bloggers assume that people will automatically be interested in your stories and your interests. It’s not the case.

It takes time to get readers invested in you as a writer. What people are interested in at the beginning is the things that you can teach them.

After acquiring a good following, you can occasionally add a few blog posts about your life and your interests. You can also use personal anecdotes when you are teaching, but only after you have a secure following.

Mistake #4: Your Topics Are Too Broad

When people first start blogging, they often choose topics that are too broad, such as “How to Make Money on the Internet” and “How to Be Successful in Social Media Marketing.” Because these topics are so broad, it can be difficult to answer the questions in just one blog post thoroughly.


  • It is best to choose more specific targets that would attract a more targeted audience. You are more likely to take leads and turn them into customers this way.

Mistake #5: Your Writing Isn’t Easy to Read

Many beginning bloggers will get an idea and just start writing. Most people who read blogs scan them at first. If you have your thoughts jumbled into long paragraphs, the blog won’t be scannable.

It is best to break your blog post up into sections and use bold-faced headers to let the reader know what to expect in each paragraph. When readers are easily able to scan your blog posts, they will get more out of it.

It will also result in return users. If your work isn’t scan-able, the reader may try to find a similar blog post that they can scan.

Mistake #6: You Aren’t Using Data as Evidence

As mentioned above you don’t want your entire blog to be made up of facts and statistics. However, if you are trying to make an argument, you do want to use statistics.

When you are blogging, you need to do more than get people on your side; you also need them to take action. If you have facts and figures to back up your statements, you will sound more credible. Therefore, you will be more trustworthy.



  • Your entire blog doesn’t need to be made up entirely of facts and figures. However, it is necessary if you are trying to prove a major point.

Mistake #7: Your Work is Close to Be Considered Plagiarism

Plagiarizing another blogger’s work is the worst thing that you can do. If you try the copy and paste method, you likely won’t get away with it.

Your editors and your readers will be able to see that the piece doesn’t sound like you. The worst-case scenario is your plagiarized article being red-flagged by Google, and your company’s site could get penalized.

It’s a bad reflection on you. If you are going to use information from another blogger, you need to cite it correctly and give that blogger credit. It’s critical if you want to be a credible writer.

Mistake #8: Neglecting to Edit Your Work

You may think that your writing was perfect when you wrote it and that you were careful not to make any typos. However, the chances are that there is a mistake or two.

You should take at least 10-20 minutes to edit your piece, depending on the length. When you are proofreading, it is best to read it out loud.



  • Start at the bottom of the article and read to the top. It is much easier to catch any mistakes that you made because you hear it out loud.

Mistake #9: Trying to Make Your Post Perfect

If you continue proofreading and rewriting, you are never going to finish it. There are always better ways to say something, better photos that you could have used, and more statistics.

Obsessing over one blog post is a mistake. If it is error-free and contains all of the information that you are hoping to convey, it is time to hit “publish.” If you obsess over one article, you will never get a chance to move on to your next one.

Mistake #10: You Aren’t Blogging Consistently

Many new bloggers don’t understand the importance of consistent blogging. If you blog seven days for the first two weeks and then cut back to two or three times, it can be hard to form a habit of blogging.

Also, your readers will get into the habit of reading your blogs daily. If they log on and there isn’t anything there for days, they might try to find a similar blog that has a blogger that writes consistently.



  • Mistakes to avoid once you start blogging: If you are starting out as a blogger and you want to be successful, you should know the mistakes to avoid once you start blogging. If you know what to watch out for, you should have a very successful following.

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