October 19, 2022 9:23 pm

Elizabeth Redd

Concepts that relate to Social Class

Why Social Class is a controversial topic with people.

How people look at Social Class

Social class is a relative term, or is it? It is a phrase we use to describe people around us and how we relate to them in society, or rather sometimes what they have and hang out with.

These concepts are worth considering as they relate to social sciences, aren't they?

I want to share with you some interesting concepts on social class and how it plays an essential role in today's society.

Social Class in America | A Hot Topic

Social class in America is a different concept than it is for those in other countries.

The same rules do not apply, but that is because our culture is very different here than in other countries.

In America, we see things a certain way, and we consider how we dress in a certain way.

Growing up in America, we only experience what we grow up with, and as we get older, we often find out that others aren't raised the same way or in the same environment.

It is why social class is a controversial topic here and why it's something we regularly discuss in our schools.

Americans break down social class in a few ways, or instead with terms like "lower class," "middle class," and even "upper class."

These terms identify people in terms of their lifestyle, money, where they live, and, in many cases, their job type. Could it be that it's unfair to do so?

Why Social Class No Longer Really Matters

How we look at social class no longer matters

Thinking Social Class no longer Matters

When it comes to social class, things are changing. A new economy has changed how we all look at things, right?

Those who were once calling themselves "upper class" are no longer doing so, and that is because they have lost their jobs, have less money and are selling off assets they never thought they would need to get rid of.

Those once considered "middle-class" America is now changing and living different lives.

Those who were once in this category are struggling to keep jobs too, and while they may not have a lot in savings or investments, they are now more cautious about how and what they spend.

Those who use the term or phrase "lower class" ultimately refer to those in the blue-collar world.

It doesn't mean they have little class in life, but it's a term used to identify with manual labor or those who don't have college degrees and make around $30,000 or less per year.

Numerical Measures and Social Class

In reality, those talking about social class have only been talking about what defines it in terms of numerical measures.

Truthfully, anyone can change their social class at any given time if they wish, and all it takes is a dream to do so.

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