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The Right Blogging Platform is Crucial

The Right Blogging Platform: Your content might be everything people seek. But, without the right platform, your blog site won't flourish. So, what can you do? You can take the first step by choosing the right blogging platform.

Why has Blogging become so popular?

D0 more blogging as a source of understanding and learning new things

Blogging has become a source of understanding and learning new things.

Publishing blogs helps any business establish authority in the industry; not only that but even search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo love new content.

Blogging helps to engage your audience, drives traffic, and generate fruitful leads:

blog helps in driving better online traffic

Thus, they help in driving better online traffic and profitable lead generation.

Blogging also helps promote products and services, enables to share knowledge and experience, and even generates money online through online ads. 

7 Best Blogging Platforms for Writers in 2022

Choosing the right blogging platform is already a critical choice. And if it calls for some extra love, you must go a few extra miles. You need to use some additional blogging platforms, chrome extensions, and your creative mind.

So, to reap the benefits of Blogging, and with so many blog sites around, it is necessary to focus on the right blogging platform to make money by establishing yourself as an industry expert.

Let us explore a few of the most popular blogging platforms that have taken over the internet.


WordPress is a free-to-use blogging platform

WordPress is a free-to-use blogging platform

 How can you not know about when you are running a blog? However, it is very convenient to confuse it with is a free, open-source blogging platform that lets you create a blog within a few minutes. The right blogging platform comes with multiple beneficiary tools.

The features like forums, online stores, paid memberships, and offering online courses make the platform ideal for Blogging.

Furthermore, the site comes with more than 59,000 free WordPress plugins and themes. The cherry on top of the process is the Google analytics and SEO plugins.

You can also include dynamic content like graphs, charts, Google Adsense, videos, and social media feeds. And do you know that you don't need to gather any technical knowledge for that?

Regarding the maintenance and pricing, you need a domain name and pay the hosting charge.

This drag and drop website building platform is an easy way to add a blog section to any website, business, or online store.

The beginner-friendly blogging platform,, does not require any coding. So, anyone from the blogging community can take a look at this platform.

Also, the pricing is affordable, and the free version explains all the paid plans. The technical team is available 24X7 hours via email, phone call, and live chats, even if you face issues.

HubSpot CMS

Whether you run a small, medium, or large-scale business, the HubSpot CMS Hub is the best blogging platform one can ask for. The marketing and CRM tools in the blog let you create a website, subscribers, newsletters, and manage customer lists efficiently.

Also, the fully optimized SEO, free SSL certificate, and quick and easy set-up for hosting the website make it ideal for new bloggers.

The pricing of the right blogging platform is a bit towards the higher end. But, if you are already a WordPress reader, you will get 14 day trial before deciding.


Wix lets you choose your website design from dozens of templates and third-party apps. The set-up is easy and quick without the drag and drop tools.

Because the blogging platform does not require any coding, anyone can handle the blogging platform effortlessly.

Furthermore, this is for you if you are new to Blogging and looking for an economic blogging platform.

The website is free, and you will get a Wix subdomain with a Wix account. But, if you want a custom domain, you need to pay a little for that.


The free blogging platform by Google is another quick and easy way to create a blog. It was purely up to the technical personnel who could create a blog.

However, you can create your blog site with the free Google blogging platform. So, if you are looking for free blogging sites, this one is for you.

All you need is a Google account to run a Blogger account. Another professional tip for any beginner is to start with a free Blogger account and then switch to a WordPress account.

Gator by HostGator

Gator, a website-building blogging platform by HostGator, is one of the popular personal blog sites among people. It offers drag and drop tools that you can use to create your blog site effortlessly. The website building app includes backups, performance, and security without technical glitches.


If you are looking for something different from the rest, Tumblr is your best option. Instead of direct Blogging, it is a microblogging platform that connects your social media accounts, including following other blogs, built-in sharing tools, and re-blogging.

Moreover, it comes free with the Tumblr subdomain. However, you need the premium version to get more tools.

The integrated social media component is easy to set up without technical errors. So, if you are into marketing or selling items online, Tumblr will be a savior to you.

It lets you create and manage blog videos, GIFs, images, and audio formats. For the same matter, it has become the right blogging platform for writers and marketing agencies.

Blogging helps in generating publicity and social media outreach

gene for bloggingrating publicity and social media outreach

So, these are the most used blogging platforms that will take over the coming years. However, if you wish to grow in this field, will be a multitasking site.

The WPBeginner's team will be by your side to guide you. And if you choose to opt for an alternative site, you can try HubSpot or within an affordable budget.

So, take your time, explore your needs according to your blog genre and use the best blog platform.

So, there you have it, "The Right Blogging Platform," to help your profit. There are a few good tips and information, from having the right tools to having the right mindset for running your marketing endeavors.

These tips will have your marketing efforts paying off, and you will probably wonder why you did not take this on sooner.

I hope this information can be a useful starting point for you in your Blogging.

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