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Elizabeth Redd

Why Content Marketing: I know from personal experience that creating the content for a  is the fun part. It’s especially true if your blog is in a niche that you have a passion.

It’s also especially true for new bloggers who are super excited about writing content and getting it published on their page. However, the hard part of blogging is what is known as content marketing.


It’s right for all types of Internet marketing. Creating a blog post website page, new video, and so on is the most natural part because you can spend some time on it and come up with a finished product.

The hard part with content marketing is getting people to your blog, or as I like to refer to it as getting eyeballs on the page. That takes work which has become known as content marketing.

In this article, I want to talk a little bit about why content marketing needed for blogging and how you can make it less of a chore and hopefully as fun for you as creating the content is right!

Defining Content Marketing

As it pertains to blogging the simple view of why content marketing is sharing your blog’s content on the Internet in many ways.

Of course, you can, and should take a much more in-depth view of content marketing to use it to your blogging advantage.

Why and How?

Blogging and Content Marketing Are Made For Each Other

In the early days, blogs primarily used as a personal journal. They were the earliest forms of social media

because people could communicate with others online by putting their thoughts down on their blog.

Today it’s become much more complicated because blogs are replacing websites, and used more for making money than they are to communicate personally.

With the invention of the big social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you can interact with people quickly on those social media sites.

Blogs have been forced to become used for something else. Often, they are used to create a brand and sell things online.

How Is Content Created Today

I can think of 4 primary forms of content that people put on their blogs.


People write words and publish them on their blog.


Images or pictures are added to a post and may even be the whole post itself.


Google owns YouTube, and many videos added to a blog as content.


Podcasts have become a popular form of Internet content.

Think about your blog posts you’re making. Chances are you’re writing an article and putting it down on the page.

Then you want to liven that page up by adding some graphics to it. You might add a relevant video to it as well. At the very least you’ve got words and graphics if you want a lively blog.

Here’s a key thing to think!

It’s kind of like the old saying if a tree falls in the forest, and no one hears it, does it make a sound!

If you write a blog post with the hope of people reading and buying one of your products, is anybody going to see the content you just added if you don’t market it?

My Main Point For Why Content Marketing is Needed for Blogging!

I never understood why people spend so much time crafting the perfect blog post yet so little time on marketing the very content they just created.

You should pay 20% of your time on content creation and 80% of your time on content marketing.

It takes a while to get a blog off the ground. Indeed, content creation is necessary because you want people to have something to see when they land on your blog.

However, I know of blogs that are several hundred, or even several thousand pages deep now, and they have nobody visiting them. To get a lot of traffic to any blog, you don’t need massive amounts of content.

Some blogs only have 20 pages of content that generate over 1 million visitors a year. The reason that works for them is that they’ve spent a lot of time marketing their blog.

As a matter fact, even if they’re not adding any new content they are still going to be doing marketing or whether it’s paid marketing, free marketing, or benefiting from viral marketing!

How Can You Do Blog Content Marketing Better?

Writing on what you should do with a blog post after you hit the publish button. I would submit that this is part of the problem why bloggers don’t do content marketing.

The whole thing can get very complicated. When you look at an eBook that’s 100 pages long on how to market your blog you may feel defeated before you even start.

A very wise Internet marketer once said that if you were to master just one or two forms of Internet marketing, you could become wildly successful. I think the same thing is right with blog content marketing.

You read a lot about how important social media marketing is. Let me ask you some questions.

What if you don’t really like hanging out on Facebook or Twitter? Should you force yourself to do it?

What if you do not see any meaningful traffic from it? Should you still force yourself to do it?

I still think the concept of mastering a couple of Internet marketing strategies

is essential, but how are you go about doing that may be different for you than it is for somebody else.

Nothing’s going to beat paid advertising if you have the money because you can generate traffic immediately.

Nothing is going to hit email marketing for long-term success because as you build your list, it’s an asset you can continue to market your content to with the click of a button.

Why Content Marketing Needed for Blogging

Why Content Marketing: You need people viewing your blog to get meaningful results.

For me focusing your content marketing on list building and following up with your subscribers is the number one strategy that you should do.

The next step is learning various ways to develop backlinks because a backlink is a road back to your blog.

Those stay online forever and can be a key to continual blog trafficking long after you generate the backlink.

Find one or 2 ways to get your blog URL on other people’s websites and blogs. Spend most of your time doing content marketing this way!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is blogging a content marketing?

Blogging is one form of content marketing that needs to be done by all businesses online. A blog is how you will provide your readers with content that is informative and helpful for them, but it is not the only method you should be using to market your business.

The blog is the platform you use to put new content out there for your readers, but it is not the only method you should be using. People read blogs that have content that is of interest to them, and that will help teach them something, or help them understand something better.

By using your blog for this purpose, you are doing content marketing in one effective way that you can utilize as much as possible to help grow your business. Just don’t rely only on blogging to do your content marketing.

Why is blogging so important?

Blogging is important for a few different reasons. The first reason, blogging gives you a platform to use for creating brand awareness for your business. By using your blog, you can help people connect easier with you and your brand because they will remember it a little easier.

Second, it is important because it gives you a way to create and provide relevant and useful content that your readers will enjoy. That will help them learn something new that is of interest to them. This will help to attract readers back to your blog time and time again when you put out new content. That helps to attract new customers to your business in an easy and effective way.

Third, blogging is an effective and affordable method for driving traffic to your site. This will help to increate your customer base over time, as more people start vising your site and contacting for your business services because of the content you provided.

Fourth, blogging gives you an easy and effective way to interact with your readers. This is going to help build trust with them through that content, and as the trust builds, your customer base will increase as well.

What is a blog marketing?

Blog marketing is a process that utilizes a blogging site which is created specifically to help with advertising a website, a business, a brand, products or services. The blog is the platform used to help you reach your specific target market for your business. It allows you to narrow down your target market and connect with them on a more personal level.

What is a content blog?

A content blog is a series of posts that are created on one specific blogging platform to help you reach your target audience. The content that is put onto a content blog can include articles in the form of text, photos, videos or podcasts.

The content you choose to use and put onto your blog is up to you, but the more content you create using different methods, the more you will effectively engage your readers and connect with them on a personal level.

Connecting with readers through your content blog is how you will begin to create a business relationship with them to get them coming back to visit your blog and business more often.

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