November 15, 2019 10:45 am

Elizabeth Redd

​Strengthening Your Brand with your Mailing List and Giveaways

Mailing list and giveaways play a pivotal role in sales and marketing departments of a company. In fact, most successful businesses take great care in keeping accurate mailing lists of their current customers.

A mailing list which is up to date and accurate is very important because it offers necessary details if the need arises.

Ideally, mailing lists and giveaways help in promoting new products, marketing and selling goods and services, as well as a platform of offering feedback upon satisfaction.

It is important to know that a mailing list entails a list of email or physical addresses to enable business people to communicate with potential customers.

Here are some of the reasons why you need a mailing list and giveaways!

Helps in Promoting and Strengthening Your Brand.

You can use a mailing list to send newsletters to your subscribers to promote your brand. Having brand awareness has never been greater than today with all the competition on the Internet.

One way of promoting your product is giving information about it to enable consumers to have a clear understanding of what you are offering. It is easier to do if you are offering giveaways and sending newsletters to their email addresses to promote the product or services you’re offering.

I know of Internet marketers who do email marketing strictly with the goal of creating brand awareness for their business and their products. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

With all the distractions that created from social media, an email sets in somebody’s inbox until it’s opened. When you have a mailing list, you can continue to contact people over and over until they unsubscribe from it.

Using giveaways to build your email list so that you can increase your brand awareness is not only smart business, but it is one way that continues to work in today’s marketplace!

A Mailing List Improves Customer Service

You can also use mailing lists to get feedback on your products or service satisfaction levels. Ideally, your client should give you reviews about the services you’re offering, quality of your product, price range, etc. to help you improve.

Most companies conduct a survey on the information offered by their customers to improve the areas where they have little satisfaction levels to avoid losing customers. You can do that survey via email marketing.

Additionally, maintaining quality standards in other areas, as reviewed helps keep the customers you have while still getting new ones in the process. It is one of the best methods to use when you want to understand how the consumers rate your products and services.

It is mobile as well so if you send out an email that does not perform well in generating new customers you can send another email asking people why they did or did not buy from you. It helps you avoid the reasons why they did not buy next time.

Improves the Sale of New Products

Mailing list is where you build relationships. By giving and expecting nothing in return.

You give free information and tips. You give away products that a customer places value.

Then when you want to sell new products to your list, you are a trusted source to your email subscribers because of the relationships you’ve already taken the time to cultivate and build in the past.

You can begin a new customer mailing list to start a product launch to your existing subscribers. It is easy because you already have earned the trust of your clients with high-quality goods or services, so they are more willing try a new product from you.

To achieve your objective, use the list to create an excitement about the product even before you offer giveaways or even they purchase the real product. It will help you create a hype among your customers, and your new product launch will do well right out of the gate.

However, you should avoid being too promotional or nagging to avoid losing potential customers. Instead, you should give necessary information, answer questions asked diligently, and then inquire suggestions and reviews from your clients.

A Mailing List Offers Privacy

Most businesses today hire other professional advertisers and marketers to handle their marketing content.

As a result, many companies run by third parties who control a lot of your business content at your expense. By using a mailing list because it can help you preserve your connection with your customers even though you still use online marketers.

Additionally, you can connect with your clients if your digital provider goes down or gets compromised.

A Mailing List and Giveaways Is an Investment

I want to focus the rest of this article on talking about the value of investing in your giveaway. It means you approach it with a different attitude than somebody who is giving away old rehashed e-books, reports, or things that don’t provide much value in today’s marketplace.

If you want to build a valuable email list of subscribers that can bring profit to your company in the future, one way to do that is to invest in your giveaway at the very beginning. You might want to hire a professional copywriter to create content that is way above what everybody else is offering online.

Place a value on that, but point out that you’re giving it away for free as an enticement for somebody to subscribe to your email list.

Over time as your list grows you may need to reinvest in additional professional copywriting to keep your information current based on what is working in today’s marketplace. Use the investment as a down payment on long-term profitability for your online business.


  • It is evident that mailing lists and giveaways have a lot of impact on businesses today. However, you should include as much high-quality information to your mailing list as possible for future use.

  • Remember this key point. A quality mailing list is an asset that you will have forever even if other parts of your business change or go away!

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