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100 Article Ideas for 50Plus Bloggers

One of the most challenging things about blogging – getting started.

I know from personal experience that writing is fun, but coming up with ideas on what to blog about can be the hardest part.

So I decided to do something about it.

If you ever get stumped on what to write about, here are 100 articles ideas to help get the creative juices flowing.


1) Blogger vs. WordPress – What’s the Better Blogging Platform
2) Blogging for Cash – How to Start Monetizing Your Blog
3) Blogging Rules – An Introduction to Blogging Etiquette
4) How to Build A Blog
5) Can You Make Money Blogging?
6) Definition of A Blog – An Introduction
7) How Do I Set Up A Blog?
8) How Do I Start My Blog?
9) How to Use Blogger on your host and Domain
10) How to Use Dreamweaver To Edit Your Blogger Template
11) What is the Difference Between Blogging and Podcasting
12) What Do the Letters BLOG Stand For?
13) What Exactly Is a Blog?
14) What Does Blog Stand For?
15) Finding Free Blog Backgrounds for Various Holidays
16) The 7 Best Blog Sites For (i.e., learning to blog, WordPress Plugins, WordPress Templates.)
17) My Blog Review On (insert any of the affiliate products in this report)
18) Using Blog Surveys to Find Out What Your Readers Are Interested In
19) The History of Blogging – How It All Started and Evolved
20) How to Find and Create A Free Blog Title Image
21) How to Have Adding Content to Your Blog Automated
22) How to Automate Blog Posts
23) Automate Your Blog SEO With These Plugins And Settings
24) Comparing SEO Blogging Software Available Today
25) Lessons Learned from The Transformers 2 Blog
26) How to Determine and Improve Your Blog Rank
27) Finding Automated Content for Your Blog
28) How to Post Blog Content in WordPress
29) How to Post Blog Content in Blogger
30) Where to Find Free Blog Templates
31) Finding Information on Blogging You Can Trust
32) How to Get Your Blog on Search Engines
33) The Julie and Julia Blog – How the Movie Influenced Blogging
34) Tips for Running a Current Events Blog
35) Best Blogging Websites Reviewed
36) What Does the Word Blogger Mean – A Simple Explanation
37) Free Blog Space – The Top 5 Sites to Host Your Free Blog
38) Free Blog Space – How to Make Your Blog Pay for Itself
39) How To Find Good Blog Hosts – What To Look For In A Hosting Company
40) What Is A Blog Ping List and Do You Need One
41) How Pinging Can Help Your Blog
42) The Pioneer Woman Blog and What We Can Learn from Her to Monetize Our Blogs
43) List of the Best Video Blog Sites or 7 Best Video Blog Sites
44) Can A Cute Blog Make Money?
45) Making Blogging or Fun Profitable
46) Blogger Tutorials – How to Get Up and To run With Your Blog
47) Blogger Tutorials – Monetizing Your Blog
48) Blogger Tutorials – Selling Ad Space on Your Blog
49) Blog Layout Ideas – How to Get the Best Results
50) Using Blog Quizzes to Engage Your Readers
51) How to Find A Guest Blogger
52) How Guest Blogging Can Expand Your Reach
53) How to Find A Good Blog Designer
54) What to Look for In A Good Blog Directory Submission Service
55) Free Blog Software – A Comparison of The Most Popular Choices
56) How to Change the Blogger Layout
57) Blog Counter – Simple Widgets to Keep Track of Your Visitors
58) Where to Find Premade Blog Banners for Scrapbookers
59) 5 Tips for Setting Up A Blog
60) How to Come Up with Blog Post Topics
61) Tips for Writing A Popular Blog That Readers Keep Coming Back To
62) How to Set Up A Blog with Audio Capabilities
63) Blog Post Secrets – How to Write A Good Blog Post
64) Blog Post Secrets – How to Get Readers To Comment
65) Make Your Cool Blog Backgrounds
66) Find A Blog – How to Make Sure Your Blog Shows Up In The Blog Search Engines
67) How to Request A Free Blog Review for Your Product
68) A blog for Money – How to Make Cash from Your Blog In An Ethical Way
69) Blogging Guides – A Comparative Review
70) The Best Free Blog Tools for WordPress Blogs / Blogger Blogs
71) How to Use the Twitter Blogger Widget
72) How to Find the Best Blogging Blogs
73) How to Monetize A Recipe Blog
74) How to Monetize A Crochet Blog
75) Pros and Cons of Free Blog Websites
76) How to Set Up A Free Online Blog
77) How to Host Blog Giveaways
78) Blogging for Dollars and Still Providing Good Content
79) How to Become One of The Popular Blog Sites
80) How to Blog on Facebook And Beyond
81) Selling Blog Advertising Effectively
82) How to Make a Blogger Logo and Upload It
83) Blogging for Profit and Fun
84) 3 Example of Good Blogger Websites
85) HTML Codes for Bloggers – A Tutorial in Basic HTML
86) What Is SEO Blogging and How Can It Benefit Me?
87) How to Set Up A Blog with Blogger
88) Blogging for A Living – How to Increase The Money Your Blog Makes
89) How to Make Money With A Blog
90) The Pros and Cons of Blogging for A Living
91) Blogger wanted – How to Find Great Guest Bloggers
92) Blogging as A Career – What You Need to Know
93) How to Get Topics for Blogging
94) How to Make Mooney From A Blog
95) How to Become A Blogger
96) Blogging for Traffic – How to Do It Effectively
97) How to Make Money As A Blogger
98) Social Networking and Blogging – How to Best Combine the Two
99) Advice on How to Make Money Blogging
100) 5 Tips for Blogging for Website Traffic

These are 100 things to blog about. Anytime you get stuck, just come back to this list to help inspire new blogging ideas.


Which is the best topic for blogging?

what is the best topic for bloggingPersonal Stories: People love reading about other people’s experiences and personal stories. Writing about personal stories on subjects such as road trips, family events, favorite memories, or career life can attract a wide range of readers.

Product reviews: People are constantly on the lookout for reviews before buying or using products. Writing reviews for gadgets or products that you are currently using can attract a lot of traffic. The products posted on the blog can range from healthcare products to telecommunication gadgets.

Frequently asked questions: Addressing FAQs on different topics can offer a person endless topics to discuss in their blogs. For writers aged 50 years and targeting readers within this age group, the FAQs can relate to health, lifestyle, retirement, or other topics.

Financial advice: As people get their first jobs and begin earning an income, they develop an interest in managing their finances properly. The topics can include saving tips, investments, or alternative sources of income. Providing people with examples from personal experiences can also keep them interested in the blog.

Which niche is best for blog?

Some of the best niches for blogging include:

best blogging niches
Lifestyle: This can entail topics related to daily living, travel, health, nutrition, fashion, beauty, parenting, and professional development.

Art: This niche enables people to apply their creativity and imagination. Writers interested in this niche can base their blogs on painting, DIY crafts, woodwork, photography, design tutorial among other artistic works.

Finance: The finance niche consists of sub-niches related to emerging businesses, money-saving tips, investment strategies, and guidelines on whether to buy or rent a home. Other sub-niches in this sector include human resource management, frugal living, and marketing among other valuable financial advice.

News: Writing on upcoming events, technologies, and recent news can also attract a lot of traffic. Some of the sub-niches in this group include entertainment, science, politics, business, and health. The news can be obtained from recent research or observation of trends in these sub-niches.

Food: Many culinary bloggers focus on recipes and restaurant reviews. Other sub-niches that bloggers can consider include food cultures from different countries or communities, wine tasting, fine dining, food photography and videography, and baking tips.

Technology: Advances in technology has increased people’s interest in the latest technological devices. Sub-niches in this area include computers, tablets, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality games.

Can I use other people’s content on my blog?

It is not unethical to use other people’s content in your blog. However, when using information from other people’s blogs, a blogger is supposed to conduct research from various sources to enrich the information used and ensure that the information they write is correct.

Additionally it is important to provide the links of the blogs that they used to obtain their information. This ensures that readers can be able to trace the source of the information or use the link to ensure that they get a better understanding of the topic discussed.

Other ways to use information from other people’s blogs include writing reviews about the information they shared, criticizing their blog post constructively, or obtaining permission from the blogger to use part of the content of their blog post. Copying an entire blog is considered plagiarism and can lead to litigation.

What should I write in my lifestyle blog?

A lifestyle blog can be based on different aspects of your life. Some of the topics that one can write about include:

Health: Writing about health tips can help readers consider improving their health habits. Bloggers can write about healthy meals and diets.

Professional development: This entails information about different career paths. Bloggers can write about how people can excel in their careers.

Religion: Numerous religious groups exists globally. Bloggers can opt to write about their religion, compare it to other religious groups, and offer readers information about the beliefs related to the religion.

Life hacks: Some of the life hacks that can be written about include those related to personal finance management, health, and careers.

Relationship advice: Using one’s personal life experiences to offer other people relationship advice can help them deal with their problems. Most people prefer obtaining advice from those who have gone through the same experiences.

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  • Tom says:

    Hey Elizabeth,

    Great article. I have been blogging sine 26th Jan 2020 so I am very new to it. I am writing about leadership and personal growth because I love the topic and it is also something I am very knowledgeable about.

    I am not that interested in making money right away on it, I just want to build a brand first and get my name out there with information and content that will help people.

    Do you think that is the right approach?

    All the best,


    • I genuinely believe you have the right mindset to build the kind of business that will make you continue to work toward blogging success. I’m new at this process of building my blog. I believe success comes with hard work. Good luck with your approach, and making money is a good thing.

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