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Many of us are blogging for profit; we have a blog for the reason that we want to make money from it.

Tips to avoid bloggers block is not as easy as it sounds because there is a certain amount of pressure that comes in trying to make a profitable blog one that is good your financially and one that is useful for your readers emotionally.

I think this is a critical point to understand. Why you are blogging is not always the same reason someone comes to your blog to check it out. Therefore, you need a blog that is useful to your reader but is also a marketing tool for your business.

It is an excellent idea to develop a blog as part of your marketing strategy. If done correctly, your blog can form an important and productive part of your overall marketing plan, especially if you are giving a “How-to” advice, or solving problems as I am here on my blog.

Today on the Internet an overall marketing strategy is one that uses a blog as a hub for every other thing that happens. The flow is a blog post bookmarked into a social site to send traffic back to your blog.

Then you capture you visitors email address so you can contact them in the future. When you write, and publish a new blog article, you notify your email list so they can come and read it.

That is steady traffic, but it does come with one biggest problem!

The main issue with many bloggers is that they start off well, but with time they begin to lose their enthusiasm to write. Sometimes, they run out of things to say, and other times they just get tired of the needed work to keep up a high-quality blog.

The presents itself in what I call bloggers block or writing block. That does not have to be the case for you though.

Tips to Avoid Bloggers Block

In no order, here are seven useful tips to assist in keeping your blog running smoothly by avoiding the dreaded bloggers block.

1. Re-examine the frequency of your posts

There is no rule that states you must post content on your blog daily.

As a new blogger, you find your blogging groove once a week is a good starting place and then increase the frequency as you get the hang of regular posting information.

Schedule your blog posts in advance

As a writer, you must know that the inspiration to write comes at different times.

2. When the mood hits, take advantage of this time and write some posts and save them, or schedule to post them later.

Most blogging platforms offer you with the chance to schedule your posts in the future. That means you can write a week’s worth of posts at one time, and record them, so your readers will not know that you haven’t been writing every day.


Set up Categories

Sometimes bloggers block hits the moment someone sits in front of their computer, and they can’t even think of what to write.

3. One way to assist you in narrowing your thinking, and start the creative process, is by setting posting categories for your blog. You can then look at the total posted in each category to see where you might be a little light.

Guest bloggers

Guest bloggers are an ideal way of ensuring your blog’s continuity.

4. That gives you a needed break while at the same time you will be introducing your clients to new perspectives. It is also a good way of building relationships with other professionals in your field and also provides you with an opportunity to learn different and useful perspectives.

Read up on your Subject

Reading on your area of expertise is one of the greatest ways of breaking bloggers block.

5. That increases your knowledge base and stimulates your idea-processing machine. Plus, makes you a better information resource for your readers.

You can set Google keyword alerts and have blogs that were written on subjects emailed to you. You additionally can sign up for email subscriptions of blogs with similar issues to yours.

Choose a writing location

Another cure for writer’s block is the area you sit down to write. You can opt to write in a different location aside from your usual writing place.

6. Some bloggers require a mood, spot, or writing atmosphere. These factors might not significant influence your writing, but if they create a writing mood, by all means, you should find a suitable location and maintain it.

Take a Break

It is healthy that you step away from your blog to recharge your creativity.

7. During this break, you can do several things that are useful to your readers like setting up a series of guest bloggers or pre-schedule your posts, among others. You can also move the frequency out a little, so you do not need as many posts to stay current.

In Summary

These tips can help you a great deal in curing bloggers block. What you should know is that no matter how it feels now, writer’s block is temporary and will go away.

One thing I failed to mention is setting up a swipe file. That can be your go to file when you need ideas.

When you come across something useful, but you don’t need it right now, put it in your swipe file and refer to it as a quick source of a new blog post idea! That is a very helpful way always to relaxed about needing to find new material for your next post.

Relax! We all get bloggers block. Use these tips to make that lonely feeling go away!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get over writer’s block?

When you have writer’s block, this can be very frustrating, but there are some effective ways you can get over this problem. Some different ideas or activities you can do to help include:

• Go on a walk to clear your mind and get your body moving.
• Get rid of all distractions to help you focus only on your writing.
• Do a physical activity that will get your blood flowing such as, going for a run.
• Take some time to play, and bring out the kid in you to help bring out your creative side.
• Change the environment your writing in.
• Read a book, article or anything to get your mind off your own writing and to spark ideas.
• Listen to music that you enjoy to relax your body and mind.
• Create a writing routine.
• Brainstorm different writing ideas using bullet points or number lists.

These are just a few ideas to help you get over writer’s block. There are many others you can use. Just find the activity that is going to help get the creative ideas flowing in your mind again.

What causes writer’s block?

There are many causes of writer’s block, and the cause is going to vary for each person. It is going to take you looking within yourself to help you figure out what the cause is for you specifically.

Some of the most common causes are:

• Fear
• Being exhausted
• Setting your standards too high
• Fear of being rejected, which is also known as imposter syndrome
• Perfectionism
• Life being too busy
• Lack of structure or lack of a writing routine
• Being lazy or fear of getting started

You are the only one that can figure out what is causing your writer’s block. Once you do, you can take the steps to help you move past that block easily.

How long can writer’s block last?

There is not set time frame for how long writer’s block will last for each individual person. It can last for a few hours, a few days, weeks, moths or even years. The length of the block is going to be determined by the root cause of the block. Once you figure out the root cause, you can fix it, so you can move past the block to get writing again.

To help you keep the writer’s block at a minimum for you, change what you are doing, talk to someone about the block that can help give you a different perspective, or do another activity that helps to clear your mind.

Is writer’s block a real thing?

Yes, writer’s block is definitely a real thing. The problem that is causing the block is different for each person. You have to take the time to figure out what is causing your particular block, so you can find the most effective way for you to move past it. If you are having trouble figuring it out, or moving past the block on your own, get some help with it, so you can put the block behind you for good.

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