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A Guide to Blogging Made Easy for People Over 50

One of the advantages of starting a blog today is how easy they are to set up. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a teenager or somebody like us over 50. What I want to do is give you the simple steps in this article. Let’s call it a guide to blogging made easy for people over 50 although this really could apply to just about anybody, so don’t be afraid to share it with your grandkids.

1. Choose your theme.

It’s referred to as the niche or the topic of your blog. Think in terms of picking from one or more of these themes,

A. What are you an expert at?
B. What are you passionate about?
C. What hobbies do you have?

If you can choose a niche that answers 2 or even 3 of these questions you will do great! I would say if you can only answer one question choose passionately – B. Having a passion for your blog will never make it seem like you are working and have to do it.

2. Pick a domain name.

It can go a couple of ways. Choose 2 or 3 words that describe what your blog is all about. Alternatively, choose your name and make your blog about you!

Examples are,,, and mine:

3. Host your blog.

You can host a blog just about anywhere you want, and there are good deals.

Namecheap is one of the largest and an excellent source for buying your domain name and hosting your blog. WXPHosting has excellent pricing and even a free domain name if you choose 3-year hosting.

4. Get started with WordPress.

Why WordPress?

It is the top choice for millions of bloggers worldwide. It is easy to set up with a couple of clicks right in your hosting account.

There are thousands of free templates. You can even buy a model later if you want, but at first, just easily install one that is a responsive theme. This way it automatically adjusts to the device it is view on, i.e., smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

5. Decide what to blog.

You do not need to map this out.

I do think it is a good idea to have at least a few basic ideas what your blog is about. These could be the categories you will be making blog posts.

6. Publish your main pages.

You will need these main pages.

– home page
– blog
– about us
– contact us

Eventually, you will want to add a privacy policy, terms of service, and maybe a FAQ page. The key is don’t overthink this right now. Just get started.

7. Write your first post.

It is a FUN post.

Tell everyone who you are, why you started your blog, what you will be blogging about, and where you hope to end up if you have a vision that far in the future.

Summary: A Guide to Blogging Made Easy For People Over 50

These are the basics of getting started. My blog 50PlusBlogging is going to be an excellent resource for you to follow and implement new ideas just like I am. We are going to have a lot of fun together!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is blogging still relevant in 2020?

Yes, blogging is still relevant. People get online to find information about a lot of different topics. Blogs are one of the most effective methods for people to get the information they need. Plus, blogging is still relatively young, and is still in the beginning stages of being a popular and effective platform for growing your business and putting out quality content.

How do bloggers get paid?

There are multiple ways that bloggers use to make money with their blog. Some of the more popular ways are as follows:

• Affiliate marketing – Promoting other people’s products through their affiliate program is an effective method to make money.

• Email list – Having an email list is one of the most important business tools you need, and the best way to create income for your blog consistently.

• Ads on website, blog or to your email list – Allow people to place ads about their products or services for a fee, sell ads in your newsletter and sell solo ads for people to put out their business only to your email list.

• Creating your own products – Use your knowledge to create a product of your own.

• Services – When you can offer a service that is going to help people with a problem, you will easily make money with your blog.

• Freelancing – There are a couple different ways you can use freelancing to make money; do freelance writing, freelance photography, freelance copywriter and many others.

• Mentoring or coaching – There are many people that are looking for a mentor or coach to help them with specific topics

.• Membership sites – Start a quality membership site for your readers and customers that gives them value and quality information, products, services and other things that others don’t receive.

Which is the best topic for blogging?

There are many topics that are excellent for blogging. You want to make sure that you choose a topic that you love because this is going to make blogging easier and more fun for you.

Some of the more popular ideas include:

• Traveling on a budget
• Self-Improvement
• Health and fitness
• Personal development and hobbies
• Internet marketing
• Self defense
• Food blogs
• Home security

These are just a few of the popular ideas that can be blogged about. Find an idea that you love to blog about, and it will be much easier for you to create a successful blog around that idea.

What should I blog about in 2020?

Finding the right topic for you to blog about needs to be done carefully. You want to choose an idea that you love and are passionate about. This is going to make it much easier for you to blog consistently, and it is going to give you an endless supply of blog topics to cover.

When selecting a blog topic that is right for you, make sure you use your skills, education, and life knowledge to help you discover the topic you will absolutely love blogging about for a long time.

Some popular ideas for a blog in 2020 are below.

• Starting a home business or internet business
• Blogging
• Gardening
• Healthy eating
• Writing
• Interior design

The ideas that can be used to blog about are endless. Take what you love and what you know to help you discover the right topic for you, so you will love blogging and will create a lot of success for yourself and your business.

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Becoming A Blogger after 50

Becoming a blogger after 50 is possibly exciting and frightening at the same time. It might be profitable or expensive as well.

Here is the real question to consider before you get started. Does the world need another blog?

I recently heard on a podcast world famous blogger Neil Patel make a statement that seemed shocking to me. He said there are currently over 1.2 billion blogs on the World Wide Web.

On top of that, a new blog is started somewhere in the world every second of the day. Technorati says there are 18.6 blog posts made every second.

Understanding that it shouldn’t be daunting if the idea of becoming after 50 is something that appeals to you.

Here’s why!

First of all, a very high percentage of blogs on the Internet today are inactive. These are blogs that were started by an excited blogger who quickly fizzled out when they realized that maintaining a blog takes much work.

Especially if you don’t like to write, or do not know how to write, with that in mind, I still think you can become a blogger after 50 if you have to keep two primary things in mind.

Are You Passionate About Something?

Number one choose a niche that you are an expert in or have a passion. Those of us over 50 have a lot of real-life experiences. We also have a lot of career-oriented experiences that could be great topics for blogs.

In regards to the passion, I would be willing to say that bloggers who started a blog and quickly gave up, did so because they were in the wrong niche. Many people approach blogging with the idea that they want to make money on the Internet with a blog.

Passion Trumps Money

What I found when researching successful blogs is that money was not the driving factor, at least not at first. Long-term successful bloggers do make much money with their blogs if they choose to do so.

However, that’s only the case because they have outstanding blogs that provide a lot of high value and content of people find attractive. It is indeed within reach for bloggers over the age of 50.

Start a blog on something that you’re passionate about, and then write about your real-life experiences. People are going to find this more interesting than somebody who’s going online and always researching blog topics and then attempting to write about them.

Technology Is Not A Factor

I know of people who want to start a blog right now and do not because they think it is too hard, not too hard to write, but also hard to handle technology.

Let me say technology is not a factor today. Starting a blog is so comfortable that your grandkids could do it.

Hosting companies have easy to follow instructions, and they provide live customer service, not that you will need it. You can set up a blog with nothing more than a few clicks of a button.

Summary: Becoming A Blogger after 50

If you’re thinking about becoming a blogger after 50, I encourage you to go for it. Just be sure and keep this in mind. Start a blog on something you are passionate about and your

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it too late to become a blogger?

No, it is not too late to become a blogger. There is enough room in any niche for many bloggers, even if there is a higher competition in some niches. You can give your readers quality content, experience, and a new perspective that other bloggers won’t be able to. Any age and any time is good for starting a blog.

Just make sure you start a blog in a niche that you are passionate about and that you genuinely love because that is going to make it easier for you to become a successful blogger.

Is a blogger an influencer?

In order to answer this question, it is important to understand the difference between a blogger and an influencer. A blogger is a person that has a blog online that they use for their business. An influencer is a person online that is influential in a specific niche or multiple niches.

As a blogger, you can become an influencer, but it is going to take time, commitment, quality content, a substantial number of visitors to your blog and high rankings of comments, shares and clicks to become known as an influential blog. This can be achieved by anyone, but it is not going to be easy to achieve. You have to set your goals to make this happen, and then do everything possible to achieve those goals.

How do u start a blog?

Starting a blog consists of following a few important steps.

1. Choose a blog name – Make sure you choose a name that is descriptive, but that is also going to be easily remembered.

2. Register a domain name – Once you have the name for your blog, you want to get the right domain name for it. That can be the name of your business, blog or whatever name tells people at a glance what your blog is about.

3. Choose a blog platform – There are many blog platforms that can be used for starting a blog. You need to take time to do research on each platform, and then select the one that you feel is the right fit for your blog.

4. Find hosting – The next step is to find the right hosting company to host your blog on. Choose a hosting company that gives you the most business tools possible for building your blog, and that will work the best for the type of blog you are starting.

5. Find a template – You need to find a template that can be used for getting your blog online. Once you have the perfect template, you can then customize it to be exactly what you need for your blog.

6. Write and create your first blog post – Take time to write your first blog post, but make sure it is quality content. Then publish it, and you now have your blog up and going.

7. Promote – The next step is to promote your blog, so you can begin getting readers.

8. Monetize your blog – After you have done all that, you then need to monetize your blog, so you can begin making money with it.

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Some Relevant Predictions For 50 Plus Bloggers To Know Before Starting A Blog

A blog is a web post that’s often informational in manner. A blogger is a person who writes blogs.

Blogs often arranged in a reversed chronological order. Blogs have become the modern communication on most websites, and many cases are the website itself.

Before starting a blog, it’s important to note some predictions that are vital to blogging.

Self Hosting Is Important

As a beginner, some information will be necessary to note. Finding a great WordPress that is self-hosted should be your number one priority. It emphasizes the point of creating your WordPress rather than depending on the free service they offer.

The reason for this is the feel of total control for your blogging work. The latter often offers less power.

My prediction to the start up’s is that one day you will feel the need to stand on your own. By doing so from the start will make it much easier for you.

Publishing Strategy

Once you are more than a beginner, you will want to try out new strategies. It is more than general writing.

You may feel the need to employ the use of videos, pictures and some visual effects. I can say with high confidence that your blog will advance further if you have more than text on it.

It will make your work more appealing. As such you might find yourself using visual effects from other sights.

It’s recommended that you depend on your own for as much content as possible. It’s better to use your photos as it makes you unique. Plus, it invites readers in and encourages them to interact with you.

Email List Building

Over the years having a mailing list that is growing has been a blogging trend. It can be dated as early as 2005, and it’s still active today. I do not see that changing anytime soon.

In simple terms, this is in-boxing as many readers as possible. It has two effects.

1. It increases the number of readers.

2. It ensures that proper marketing of any product via your blogs is successful.

Both the former and the latter is nothing compared to the fact that social media is always changing. It means that they cannot be relied upon to increase the number of readers to your work. Therefore, it’s only through communicating directly to your readers that assures the growth of your blog.

Understanding Your Market

Just like any other field, there will always be competition. Most bloggers assume that they are pros and do very little to no research about what they post.

In the end, this leads to very little traffic since what’s posted is already online somewhere else. It’s essential to use programs that can help you find out what the market needs. It should include what keywords that’s targeted in your niche market.

Apart from that, study the competition to find out where their research is coming from. With this, you can easily outmaneuver the competition.

Content Is Still King

Long content is an excellent way to start. Blog articles of 1000 words or more is a good start!

It indicates you are skilled and you know what you are doing. Lengthy content attracts the attention of many readers. Short content is either ignored or just perused.

Social Media Marketing

One way many bloggers dislike the idea of spending money on their blogs. It is a wrong move, especially as it pertains to marketing your work.

In the business world, there is no such thing as something for nothing. Fortunately, the same applies to the blog.

It’s wise to use social media to perform most of your blog marketing. It is because it’s cheaper and spreads to a broader market quickly.

As soon as you start social media marketing creates a habit of building strong connections. Your social marketing greatly influences your success in blogging.

Some bloggers use spamming, but it rarely works. It is better to build genuine friendships, as they may be of help in the future. It can be achieved by sharing blog posts, social media posts and so on via social media and asking them to return the favor.

Quality Is Important!

Blogging has now become a war zone. Thereby a great strategy is required to do well in it successfully.

Big firms are now placing their money in blogging and social networks, and they expect profitable returns. It would help if you worked smart to outwit these big corporations. It’s achieved by posting the best quality information on your blog that directly speaks to the people whom you share the same interests.

More Predictions

1. To-do lists. Creating a to-do list every day and every month is separating successful bloggers from those who fail.

2. Responsive. Be sure that your blogs are responsive. People view blogs on their desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Responsive blog sizes correctly for the device it is being considered.

Blogging via smartphone will become more standard in the future. Trying out new methods like blogging on your tablet lets you become a mobile blogger.

3. Hire workers. Outsourcing is a method that has proven is working and will become more popular in the future. It helps the blogger seem more prolific than he is.

It employs the concept of specialization and the division of work. I always say do what you like best and outsource the rest if you want your blog to grow.

4. Exercise. Science suggests that sitting for long periods reduces lifespan by ten years. Therefore, it’s essential to take a break after long periods of blogging and stretching or taking a walk can be of great aid.

5. Be secure. All blogging takes place online, so it is logical that security problems will keep on rising. No one is safe from online threats, but a few steps can reduce this danger.

Having an offline backup for your online work is a must. Using some powerful security methods like Secure, this protects your blogging works from all the online threats.

6. Branding. We live in a time that everyone is struggling to be their boss. Therefore personal branding is on the rise.
Some online sites are playing a significant role to ensure that this is possible. Branding on the internet will help you achieve new markets to your blogging.

7. Diversify. Knowing how to diversify your income is an essential skill. Having various sources of income will, in the end, be very useful. In case one fails you have a back-up plan.

Summary: Some Relevant Predictions For 50 Plus Bloggers To Know Before Starting A Blog

It is just a few relevant predictions based on what is happening now in the market. It is better to know them before starting your blog, so you get off on the right track!

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Should You Become an Entrepreneur Blogger After 50?

I read an article recently that gave six reasons why a person over 50 should not become an entrepreneurial blogger. As I read it, I concluded that the exact reason they said not to blog as an entrepreneur where six excellent reasons to become an entrepreneur blogger after 50.

The six reasons?

1. Focused Goals

I would submit to you that people over 50 find it easier to set goals because we can focus on things easier than young people. One of the reasons that we’ve already raised our kids.

Another reason is that we’re used to setting goals and achieving those. When you decide to become an entrepreneur blogger after the age of 50, you’ll be able to set goals and stay focused on those better than a younger person could.

2. Experience

Let’s face it when we’re 50 years or older we have many life experiences. Those can be enjoyable experiences, and of course, there will be bad experiences as well. It can make for great content in a blog.

However, these experiences in overcoming the obstacles and exhilaration that come with them are precious when you become an entrepreneur. Why not take some of your life experiences and use those as a benefit to yourself and become an entrepreneur, Blogger!

3. Patience

50+ bloggers know that good things come to those that wait. When you’re an entrepreneur, the chances of you having an overnight success in your business are slim.
It’s also rare that people start a blog and have huge success from it right away either.

Thankfully at our age were are more patient than younger people are. It is a huge benefit when you decide to become an entrepreneur blogger after 50.

4. Social Media

People in our age bracket may have been a little late in coming to the party in regards to social media, but we’re here now. There’s no more significant reason to become an entrepreneur Blogger than the ability to promote your new blog via social media.

The great thing is most of the ways to promote online and social media are free. Whether you focus on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or even YouTube videos, the chances to get your content online live where people can see it is never-ending.

5. Constructive Criticism

One advantage of having a blog as part of your business when you’re an entrepreneur is the ability to interact with people through comments on your blog posts. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been criticized a lot in the past.

It doesn’t bother me one bit. I view constructive criticism as beneficial.

6. Money

The biggest reason to become an entrepreneur blogger is money. It opens up an out of many avenues in terms of what you can do with that money.

You certainly can supplement your retirement. You can take more vacations.

You can increase giving to your church or your favorite charities. You can help your kids and grandkids more if they need it.
The reasons will be yours, but the fact that you have that ability is fantastic.

Summary: Should You Become an Entrepreneur Blogger After 50?

Of course, you should. There is no greater business opportunity for those of us over 50 then blogging.
Even if you do not write all or even most of your content, you can have a great blog, have a great time, help people, and make money anywhere you are what’s not to like about that!

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People Over 50 Feeling Younger As A Blogger

Do you know what often makes us feel old? Boredom! I have found that is why many people do not quit their job. Beyond the money, many people don’t leave because they are afraid of being bored.

I may have found a cure for feeling younger. At least I am experiencing it.

My solution? Become a blogger.

What is a blogger exactly?

A blogger writes material for a blog. A blog started as an online journal for people to share their thoughts.

Today it is much more than just that. However, at its core blogging can be very exhilarating and if you are over 50 like me, it is a great way to feel younger.


Be Creative

You can be creative and write about anything you want. Often people start a blog with a specific goal in mind and then it leads them off in all kinds of directions. That’s very exciting, and it’s never dull.

You also be creative in the types of content you put on your blog. Today blogs are more than just words.

Please do some research on blogs on things that you’re interested in and look at everything people are putting on their blogs. Graphics, videos, audios, and these are all present in a variety of ways.

If you have a blog in a niche, you are interested in, and passionate about, you’ll never be bored. It will always be exciting to create more content and get the next post going!

Incorporate Social Media

It is pretty hard to blog today without having some presence online in the form of social media. Facebook is an excellent example of this right now.

Bloggers are starting Facebook groups and incorporating them into their blog. It’s a great way to interact with people daily.

Also, many bloggers are currently creating Facebook live events and posting them on their blogs. When you’re actively involved with people that are interested in the same things as you-you’re not going to be bored and you’re going to feel younger.

It is just one way that social media can be tied in with your blog. Let me also mention that

YouTube videos are easy to make.

You can tweet all day long and interact with your followers on Twitter. Of course other forms of social media such as Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn tie in very well with various types of blogs.

The key thing is once you’ve made a blog post you can continue to be active and promote your post on different types of social media. It keeps the action going and keeps you busy in a fun sort of way.

Summary: People Over 50 Feeling Younger As A Blogger

Yes, people over 50 are feeling younger when they have their blog. Not only is it a way to keep busy, but it’s fun when you’re blocking on something that you’re interested in or passionate about.

It’s even more fun when you can interact with people via social media who have a common interest in what you are blogging!

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Enjoying the Lifestyle of a 50 Plus Blogger

Being a 50+ blogger comes with many perks. None of them is higher than the lifestyle of a 50+ blogger.

What is that?

Let’s look at the many different things that being a blogger when you’re 50 years or older has to offer to you. Ultimately you can break this down to two things.

1. Money
2. Freedom


Everything possible to enjoy with the lifestyle of a blogger who’s over 50 years old is made possible because of the money you earn. That money can mean different things to different people.

Of course, part of that is what your expenses are, and you do need to have those under control when you work for yourself as a blogger. However, once you’ve mastered the art of expense management you can focus on all the great things being a blogger has to offer.

Money doesn’t necessarily have to be the primary reason that you start a blog, but for most of us over 50 doing it, money is in the central part of blogging.


The more money you make, the more freedom you have. A blogger’s lifestyle means you can work anywhere you want that you have an Internet connection. For some of us getting up and going to the coffee table in the morning and sitting down and writing is a great way to live.

For others traveling the world and logging online wherever there’s an Internet connection is a lifestyle they choose. It doesn’t matter where you blog. The fact is when you have a choice the freedom that blogging gives you is a fantastic lifestyle.

Blogging Lifestyle Business

Another key point I want to make to you is that part of the blogging lifestyle is the fact you’re building a business with your blog. Many positives come from this.

As we get older, we begin to deal with various health issues; some can be both time-consuming and financially draining. Building a successful blog allows you to deal with both of those issues.

Part of having a successful blog is building an email list that you can contact whenever you want to. It is an asset that can generate money for you every time you mail out something to it for a product you’re selling.

Using an autoresponder, you can set these emails to go out in advance for many weeks or even years to come. It allows you to be generating income on an ongoing basis even when you’re not working.

The same thing can be done with the content on your blog. You can set it up to publish dates in advance where your blog is continually publishing content even when you’re not there to manage it.

Think of your blog is much more than just writing words for somebody to read. As you develop it as a 50+ blogger consider the enormous benefits that are building a business that can bring you. It is one of the ultimate lifestyle benefits that most types of companies for people our age can’t offer.

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50 Plus Bloggers

In this category of 50 Plus Bloggers I will add new case studies and articles by people 50 and older who are having success with their own blog.

If you know of someone I can contact please let us know. If you would like to be featured get a hold of me using our contact form.

My whole goal with is to help people our age start a blog and make money with it, just like I am doing. I personally like to read about others in our age group who are being successful.

Elizabeth Redd Publisher 50 Plus BloggingHopefully you will as well.



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