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Elizabeth Redd

Draft Feature

Using the Draft Feature in WordPress

I have a quick tip for you today that will come in handy as you’re working on getting ahead on your blogging. It’s using the draft feature.

Yes, it’s helpful that WordPress and most other blogging platforms have a way to save your posts as drafts so you can continue to work on it over the course of a few days.

It’s even better that they usually auto-save for you – at least it is in my case. But there’s another great way to use the draft feature. You can use drafts to get ahead of the blogging game in several different ways. Let’s start with the most obvious one.

Use Draft Feature to Work on Your Next Blog Post  

The most obvious way to using drafts is, of course, to work on your current blog post until it is ready to publish. But don’t just stop there.

If you know you have a busy day tomorrow or later on in the week, go ahead and give yourself a head start by creating a draft and working on it here and there as you can fit it in your busy day. You’ll be glad you did when it comes time to wrap up that particular post.Draft Feature

Use the Draft Feature to Plan Your Week

You can also use the draft feature to plan out your blogging for the week. Let’s say you want to post five times per week.

Come up with five topics and create a draft for each. Then start working on them, making sure you wrap up and publish at least one of the posts on each of your publishing days.

Not only will this keep you on track and show you at a glance what you’ll be blogging about this week, but it also allows you to work on multiple posts throughout the week, giving you options when you get stuck on writing one post.

Use the Draft Feature as A Way of Storing Blog Post Ideas 

Let’s wrap this up with my favorite way to use the draft feature. And that’s to use it as a storage container for ideas for future blog posts. Here’s how to do it. When you get an idea for a blog post, go ahead and create a draft .

Come up with a working title and make a quick note of what your blog post will be about. If you’re feeling ambitious, go ahead and write a quick outline for the post. Then save it as a draft.

Do this anytime you come up with an idea and save them for later. Then whenever you need something to blog about, browse through your drafts and pick one of these.

Draft Feature: The idea is there, and you may even have done some of the writing already. These drafts make for fast blog posts and are just the thing when you’re suffering from writers’ block.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get to your drafts on WordPress?

Writing drafts on WordPress is a good idea for a few reasons, so knowing how to get to your drafts is important information to know. There are a few steps you need to follow that will help you get to your drafts easily any time you need to.

1. Sign into your WordPress blog back office.

2. Then go to “My Site” and scroll down until you see “WP Admin”, which is on the bottom of the left side of your computer screen.

3. From there you want to click on “posts” on the left side of the computer screen.

4. At the very top of your computer screen, you should see a category for “draft.” Click on that, and then click “edit” so you can edit your draft before publishing it, or you can continue to work on it to get it ready to publish.

What is Draft WordPress?

Draft WordPress is basically a blog post that you have created, that wasn’t finished, but was instead saved as a draft. This means that you can work on your blog post more at a later time to get it ready to be published.

You can keep it as a draft for as long as you choose to, so you can ensure it is right before publishing it. This is a great way to create future blog posts, so you can consistently blog without having to constantly be writing new posts every day. Instead, you can work ahead and get some blog posts created as drafts, and then schedule them to go out at a specific date and time when you have them completed and ready to publish.

What does status draft mean?

Status draft means that your blog post is in the draft process, and is not yet completed. The draft will stay in the draft status until you have completed it, and are ready to publish it on your blog, or schedule it for later publication on your blog.

Changing the status from draft to published or scheduled is easy to do. Once you are done with the post, click on “preview” and you will be shown how the blog post will look once it is published on your site. When you like the way it looks and how it reads, then you click submit or publish, and you will have taken that blog post out of the status draft it was in.

How do I share an unpublished page on WordPress?

Sharing an unpublished page on WordPress can be done easily. Utilize the following steps, and you will be able to share your post or page with anyone you want to before it is published.

1. Download and install the Public Post Preview plugin.
2. Next, go to “posts>all posts, and click on “edit post” for the post you are trying to share.
3. Once you are on the publish post meta box, check the box for “Public Post Preview” option.
4. Then click on “save draft.”
5. Once you have done this, you are going to see the “enable public preview” option on the right side of your screen.
6. Copy the link you see, and you will be able to share it with any person you choose to.

It is important to know that the public post preview option is not going to work if you publish your blog article. It will only work in the draft status, so make sure you saved it as a draft, and not as a published blog post.

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  • Excellent advice Elizabeth. I love the draft feature as a way to save ideas for future posts. For years I have saved my ideas on a text file I called a swipe file. This is even better. I also like your daily informative post feature you are adding for future tips. Great idea!

    • Jeff, Beautiful to connect with you, and I hope you’re having a great day. I appreciate your checking out my post about the draft feature
      I look forward to sharing more blogging tips with you. Thanks for the connection.

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