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Learn more about the use of Facebook Insights

learning the use of Facebook Insights

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Understanding Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights allows you to learn more about your audience and what types of content they prefer. But to best harness the power of Facebook Insights, it helps to understand how they work. Here’s what you need to know…

Log-in first. To get to your Facebook Insights, make sure you are logged in to your Facebook account associated with your page

Access Insights. Now that you’re logged in, Click --> navigate  

  •  See page summary. When you first access your Insights, you’re going to see a dashboard page that shows all your page activity for the last seven days.
  •  Take a glance at your page views. You’ll be able to tell if you’re getting more views or fewer by looking at this box. More opinions than usual should result in a green number. Fewer views than usual should result in a red number.
  •  Study page likes. If your goal is to grow your Facebook audience, you’ll want to pay attention to this number. It will show you if your page has gained or lost followers in the past seven days.
  • As your page grows, you may notice that you start seeing a few un-follows every so often. It is common, and not cause for concern.
  •  Pay attention to your post reach. It is how many people saw your posts in the past seven days. Some types of content, like video, result in much higher post reach. If you consistently see low post reach, you may need to adjust your posting strategy.
  •  Look at post engagements. It is the number of people that have engaged with your content in some form.
  • Engagements include liking a post, sharing your content, or commenting. The more engaged your audience is, the better it is for your brand.
  •  Check out your page followers. At first glance, it may feel like page followers are the same as page likes. However, someone can like your page without following your updates.
  • Page followers are much more valuable because they tend to be engaged with your content.
  •  Examine your most recent posts. Facebook will provide a list of your five most recent posts and the engagement level you got with them. 
  • It can show you which types of content your audience prefers and which types they don’t care for.
  •  Select Pages to Watch. If you know who your competitors are, you can add them to your “pages to watch” list. It will help Facebook bring up a list of their stats so you can compare what they’re doing differently and borrow their best strategies.
  •  Delve deep into your followers. You can learn a lot about your followers by clicking on the People tab on the left. Facebook will provide interesting demographic information such as the average age, location, and gender of your followers.
  •  View your messenger insights. Knowing how many people messaged your brand and what they wanted can give you valuable tips on how to best serve your customers. Facebook will show you how many people messaged your page and new message connections.
  •  Go over your orders. If you’ve received orders through Facebook, you can view the statistics for them on the orders page by clicking on the left side of the screen.
  • Keep learning. The more you study your Facebook Insights, the more you’ll learn about your audience and how to better engage with them.

So, there you have it.

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