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How to Grow Your Facebook Group

Growing your Facebook membership group

Growing your Facebook membership group

Facebook Group: Once you create your Facebook Group, you are ready to begin growing your membership. Use this checklist as a guide to growing your Facebook Group from the beginning.

Guides to Growing your Facebook Group

Give Them a Reason to Join

  • Use the About section to explain why your Facebook Group is so great. Detail the Group's purpose, the type of content you'll post, and what they can expect to experience.
  • You can also add information about who the Group is to help people decide if it's right for them.
  • Give members a reason to sign up. Inform them if you run weekly giveaways, competitions, and promotions exclusively for Group members.
  • Choose an engaging theme for your Group. It should be something people engage with other like-minded people.
  • Tell them you share tips, videos, resources, and more to get them excited about joining.

Inform Your Existing Audience

  • Let visitors to your website, previous customers, prospects, newsletter subscribers, and other audience members know about your Group.
  • Mention your Group in the email blasts you send out.
  • Reference your Group on your website. Provide a link to the Group.
  • Use exit popups to send people toward your Group.
  • Add a link to your Group in your other social media profiles, networking sites like LinkedIn, and more.
  • Add the CTA in your blog posts.
New blogging Prospects for groups

 Social Media prospects for your group

Get in Front of New Prospects

  • Guest blogging on other relevant blogs, offering to write about a topic of interest in exchange for mentioning your Facebook Group.
  • Offer to be interviewed on someone else's blog or podcast or live video. Be sure to mention your Group.
  • Promote a webinar exclusive to Group members. Promote it outside the Group in your newsletter and other social profiles.
  • Reach out to influencers with an engaged following that operates in the same space as you. Ask them to promote your Group. Please give them a reason to do so, such as promoting something of theirs.
  • Engage with your peers in other groups in your niche. Contribute to the Group with value in a positive way.
  • Invite your email contact list to join your Facebook Group. They may be fans of your business page already but have not had the opportunity to learn about your Group. Use the opportunity to thank your existing customers and nurture those relationships.
  • Add a link to your website. It helps increase the visibility of your and gives visitors a way to connect with your business with social media.
  • Take advantage of using Facebook ads. Facebook advertising is one way of the fastest ways to reach large numbers of people on Facebook. This cost-effective pay-per-click advertising platform gives you an effective way to reach a highly targeted audience interested in your Group.

Videos Drive Visibility

  • Facebook loves video. Create a video to get in front of more users, generate more engagement and encourage people to join your Group.
  • Do Facebook Lives on your Page. Invite viewers to join your Group.
  • Draw your inspiration for topics from news and trends affecting your audience.
  • Have Watch parties to bring people together and create conversations around videos.


  • Cross-promote your Group in other groups. Reach out to admins of other related groups before you attempt this.
  • Ask members who should be in your Group. Give your members an incentive to bring in new members. Offer them a free e-book, a place on an exclusive webinar, or some other incentive.

Use Other Social Channels

  • Chances are, your potential members are active on other social platforms. Encourage current members to link to your Facebook Group on other social networks that are relevant.
  • Put your group link in all your bios across the social platforms. Use a clickable bio to redirect people. Whatever platform people see your bio, they will see the group link.
  • Get other people talking about and recommending your Group. Use giveaways, inspiration, education, and entertainment to stir up the excitement that gets your members talking to others outside the Group.
  • Invite your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter friends and business associates to join your Group. They are already fans of yours so they might be interested in your Group.
  • Ask them to share your post that promotes your Group to their social media friends.

Growing your Facebook Group with New Member by Keeping active Discussions

Now that you have a shiny, new Facebook group, you’ll want to start building it up. You can do this by getting new members and keeping active discussions going. Here’s what you should be doing…

Faceboook group social sharing

Faceboook group social sharing

  • Post about it on your page. If you already have a Facebook page for your brand, be sure to talk it up there. Invite your fans and followers to jump into the community.
  • Pin the post. Now you can take the post you made about your group and pin it to the top of your page, so every new visitor sees it right away.
  • Mention your group in other groups. Don’t just walk into a new group and instantly begin advertising your group. It is poor form and will irritate the admins. If you want to talk about your group, get approval from a moderator or admin before you do that.
  • Collaborate. If there’s another group creator in the same industry as you, it might be beneficial to collaborate on a project together. For example, take turns interviewing each other in your Facebook groups using Live.
  • Offer a prize. Some group creators grow their group by offering a special reward or incentive to members who promote the group. You may want to offer an Amazon gift card or a special perk from your brand to members who invite a certain number of friends to join in.
  • Tweet it out. If your brand has a Twitter account, you can mention your group and link to it in a tweet. Try to do this 2-3 times a month, so you always have a steady stream of new traffic to your group.
  • Link it from your blog or site. Make sure you have a link to your community on your website or blog. If your visitors are interested in your content, they’ll likely be a good fit for your group.
  • Add a link to your signature. Your signature is seen by almost everyone you email, so use this valuable space to promote your new Facebook group.
  • Talk it up on YouTube. In your next video for YouTube, mention your group and invite viewers to connect with you there. Be sure to put a link to the group in your video description so your fans only have to click through to find you.
  • Chat it up on your podcast. Your podcast is another great place to mention your group. You may want to set up a unique link so listeners can easily find your group later. For example, you could set up a link like https://www.yoursite.com/group/.
  • Pin it. Create a beautiful graphic using a free site like Canva. Then pin this graphic to your Pinterest board with a link back to your group.
  • Please put it on your thank you page. After website visitors make a purchase or download something from you, they’ll see a “thank you” page. Use this page to invite them into your group to keep your engagement level up.
  • Add it to your Instagram bio. When your group is new, and you’re trying to get traction, use your Instagram bio to link back to your community. New followers will see this link and be more likely to join you.
  • Dos and Don'ts

    • Offer your members valuable content. Your members will talk to other people about your Group when you do this.
    • Ask your most dedicated members to help you grow the Group.
    • Set clear rules for your Facebook Group, so members and potential members know what to expect.
    • Send links to your Group to other Facebook users you think would be interested.
    • Please don't add people to the Facebook Group without their permission.

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