February 24, 2020 3:54 am

Elizabeth Redd

Whether you are just beginning, having an online marketing plan is a must. There are far too many rivals to look into a tank blindfolded. With a developed strategy to follow the method, you will be able to dodge the trenches and jump toward success.

Why you Need an Online Marketing Plan

Internet advertising techniques will help you initially recognizing what you prefer. It is essential you take the time to study; what it is people are trying to find and exactly how you can offer choices to their concerns and answers. Part of the technique is the research study element of things and finding out the very best service or product line of interest.

Create an Advertising Strategy

As rapidly as you have your product or niche narrowed down, you can then determine your target market.

The last thing you wish to do is promote a home-based business to anybody and everybody. It will be unbelievably time-consuming and will divert your efforts toward individuals that have no interest in exactly what you are supplying. You will be far better off if you have an approach of a particular group to target.

Online Marketing Plan: Next comes connecting to that target market. Perhaps an essential piece of the puzzle to your web marketing strategy is the marketing job itself.

There are numerous ways to approach connecting to your target market today with Facebook, Twitter, blogs, online forums, short article marketing, and e-mail advertising and so on. Plot out exactly what approaches you wish to pursue and strike it hard.

Do you Need an online Marketing Plan?

marketing tipsOnline Marketing Plan: While the marketing aspect of your strategy is miles ahead of anything else, all the other details have not to neglected.

You have to determine exactly how you will develop your Internet site, exactly what sort of content you will use on your website, ways to correctly support content with graphics and videos, methods to track your sales and advertisements to see what is working and what isn’t working. Each minute detail can make or break a company online.

When things go awry, among the important factors having an online marketing plan is a must, you will have something to fall back on. Having an approach that you can refer to and trust will assist you to get on with the bumps in the roadway.

Managing you Online Marketing Plan

Online Marketing Plan: The last thing to hold on to in mind with your internet marketing approach is that it can, and even more than most likely will run later down the roadway. There is no saying you need to stay with the right strategy that you describe out from starting to end.

online marketingThings on the internet are regularly establishing and altering, and it is essential you do this with it.

Nonetheless having that preliminary approach will get you on the right track.

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Frequently Asked Questions: How to Manage your Online Marketing Plan

FAQ How to Manage your Online Marketing Plan

What is online marketing strategy?

Online marketing strategy involves using web-based approaches to communicate a message about a brand, specific product or service to potential customers that might be interested in buying the product or utilizing the service. Online marketing strategies utilize platforms such as:

Social media marketing: This involves using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among other popular social media pages to market products or services. Social media platforms offer marketers access to millions of potential customers and can be used when focusing on specific populations. For instance, when marketing products meant for people aged 50 years and above, Facebook and Twitter would be more appropriate as compared to Instagram, which is used by younger people.

Email marketing: This strategy is one of the best online marketing techniques for stating connected with older customers, who might not be interested in using social media platforms. Email marketing strategy is also used to send additional information to customers and potential customers, such as helpful tips, coupons, current offers, and information about upcoming products.

Search engine optimization: This marketing strategy is used to increase the likelihood that a product or service from a specific company will pop-up whenever someone searches for it on the internet. This method relies on using keywords associated with the product or service.

How do you structure a marketing plan?

Marketing plans are created to set strategies for attracting as many customers as possible and improving the sales of products or services.

The following structure can be used as a marketing plan for a new company or introducing a new product or service in the market:

Title page: Include of company and company logo.

Table of Contents: Contents of the marketing plan.

Cover letter: This will be a personalized summary of plan, with highlights on areas of concern, and details on expected outcomes.

Historical background: This section shows the origin of the business and identified opportunities for expansionMarketing plan objectives and goals: This section should contain details of the sales, pricing, service, and profits objectives. These objectives will act as a guideline for the marketing plan to ensure that issues such as competitors weaknesses are used as potential marketing points and to justify the usefulness and price of the product to consumers.

Market analysis: Analyzing the market helps people predict their potential for success. This section should include information such as whether or not the specific industry is growing. Other factors that should be considered are existing problems and challenges.

Customer analysis: This involves identifying the target market, their interests, and the segment of the population that will benefit from the product.

SWOT analysis: Conducting a SWOT analysis is also essential in determining the areas that the marking strategies, which will be created, will focus on and identifying weaknesses that need to be addressed.Financial information: Before implementing the plan, it is essential to budget and determines the amount of money that will be used for marketing. This step ensures that companies do not overspend or underspend.

Potential Marketing Approaches: After identifying the budget, the last step is usually identifying the marketing techniques that will be used.

What is included in a digital marketing plan?

A digital marketing plan includes the following information:

Environment: The external and internal environment of the brand or company.

Objectives: These are the objectives, which need to be achieved to ensure the success of the marketing plan. The goals should be based on the mission and vision of the company and should answer questions such as expected growth forecast and determine the set sales that need to be achieved.

Strategies: The marketing strategies that will be implemented to ensure the achievement of the set objectives.

Tactics: These are comprehensive details of the strategies identified. They highlight the exact time that a specific strategy will be implemented.

Action: This relates to the implementation of the plan.

Control and evaluation methods: This involves assessment of the techniques that will be used to measure the results of the marketing plan.

Can I outsource my online marketing plan?

Online market plans require time, investment of resources, and talent to ensure that the final results are perfect. An individual or company can choose to either outsource or create their marketing plan depending on the demands of the business and other factors such as:

Excessive workload: When you are struggling to keep up with your normal workload it is better to outsource an online marketing plan and utilize the additional time focusing on other aspects of the business.

When previous marketing plans have not been effective: When you are not sure of whether your online marketing strategies are working or when they do not yield the expected results, it is better to outsource a marketing plan to avoid wasting time, money, and energy.

Other situations that warrant outsourcing an online marketing plan include when you are unable to implement your ideas and when you are unsure about existing marketing plan trends.

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  • An online marketing plan can be difficult for sure and as such it’s best to gather all the most helpful information available out there. Having a plan is really sound advice because without one things can really get overwhelming. You’ve laid out some excellent info here especially when it comes to things like email marketing and search engine optimization, which can get tricky sometimes. Also great to know is the plan’s layout including environment, objectives, strategies, etc. I’ve had a marketing plan on the back burner and I’ll save your post to reference for when it’s soon time to get going. Thanks and well done!

    • I want to write a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your comments. It’s rare to find others with whom you can share information, but also its people like you who make a difference in this world. Let’s keep in touch. 

  • I totally agree with your point about outsourcing in your online business. Having external help with your online marketing strategies, and writing good quality articles can save an internet marketer tons of work. I am still relatively new to internet marketing, so I appreciate every little piece of advice. For example, I use Pinterest and Facebook for promoting my post, but I haven’t got a clue about how to use Instagram, which you have mentioned. As it is not possible to use direct links to my post, I don’t really understand the marketing potential of this platform. Any tips would be much appreciated – thank you!

    • You are at the right place for training and learning of the things that are waiting on you to tap into and learn the blogging process. Take things one step at a time. It takes time and hard work to build your presence on the Internet. I appreciate your comments. Check out Youtube ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0r0bdXZxiQ ) or Google – https://business.instagram.com/ for some information on Instagram for beginners. This information might be of help. I appreciate your comments about my article. Stay safe Lucie

  • I am fairly new in blogging and internet marketing (about 4 months). At this point, I have very little knowledge of online marketing research and plan. I have been blogging mainly due to the intention of exploring my passions and interests. That’s how I selected my website niche. Reading your article reminded me of the importance of having a marketing plan for long term goals and success that is definitely what I am aiming for. Thank you for this helpful post. 

    • It was my pleasure to share this article with you, Jane. No one achieves success without acknowledging the help of others. Your efforts will forever be appreciated. Enjoy your day and be sage. Thanks for the connection.

  • I really enjoyed reading this article.  You have presented so much useful information about marketing. I am new to affiliate marketing and I am actually looking into marketing strategies for my online business. It become clear to me that having an e-mail list of subscribers is very important as well as creating my own logo. 

    Thank you for your article.

    Kind regards,


    • I am just getting into the affiliate marketing business. Aweber has a new format where you can create Thank You pages within their system. I figured I would add this info. I appreciate your comments on my article. Content is a priority for me when it comes to creating material about blogging. Thanks and be safe, Yoana.

  • This post has helped me understand where I have issues with my online marketing.

    I always felt that reaching as many people as possible was the best way of marketing online. But after reading this very informative article, I now see that I’m supposed to narrow my focus to those particular people who need my services.

    Thanks for the extra tips on structuring my online marketing plan. Now I have a working template I could easily use to drive my ads campaigns.

    • Thanks, Israel, I appreciate your comments about the content I shared with you. I am always writing to keep my articles interested when it comes to blogging—being able to share information with visitors or others that are interested in the content that I share on my blog. Come back and check out other articles I have posted on my blog. It was great reading your comments. 

  • 50 Plus Blogging was great information about blogging and what it can do for your marketing plan. Great information about bloggers block and how to write with confidence. Its so many different ways you can market online and make good money and blogging is one of them. Marketing the correct way can definitely lead to passive income in many different ways!!

    • Thanks so much for your comments about my article. I appreciate your input on How to Manage Your Online Marketing Plan. Content is a priority when it comes to blogging. It’s great to know that the article was helpful.

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    I will surely try out some of the ideas I have learnt from your article. There are so much information from different gurus and it is great to come in contact with your helpful posts.

    I wish you the best.


    • Working on building my traffic also not an easy task, but I will continue working on that part of my business. Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your comments. Thanks, Joseph, let’s keep in touch.

  • Hi Elizabeth, wow thanks for a great post! I was actually searching regarding managing a marketing plan for my dad, so I will definitely forward your page to him. He wants to open up a blog about one of his passions, but I think it’s super important that he creates a marketing plan first to get a better idea of his audience, and etc, specially if he wants to monetize his website. 

    • I am working every day on improving my articles. It has been a journey to get to this point when it comes to writing articles for my blog. I want to write a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your comments. Thanks, Fernanda

  • I find your article very interesting on how you explained each process of growing a successful marketing plan,  you have a good strategies that can help any body to achieve success on marketing plan.

    I agree with you that  promoteing a home-based business to anybody and everybody is often seen as time-consuming and will most likely divert your efforts toward individuals that have no interest in exactly what you are supplying
    This is a common mistake that most people often run into at the initial stage…but thank God you have address the issue, it will go a long way in helping many people out there.

    • Thanks, Blessed, so much for your comments about my article. I appreciate your input on How to Manage Your Online Marketing Plan. Content is a priority for me when it comes to creating material about blogging.

  • Elizabeth,

      Great post! I was really looking forward to reading this post because I just got to the point of looking at starting to market my brand. My brand isn’t your normal “hey I wanna sell you shoes.” My brand is a little more intense with it being in Immigration. 

      What I really liked about your topic is that it broke it down for me to understand that online marketing is essential, and you need to put just as much work into it as you did building your content site. The other part is that you need to have a plan of action. 

    I am currently in the process of using social media to market my brand. It is free, and I am able to directly connect with people already interested in my content. I am using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Quora. I go on and answer peoples questions, and point them directly to my page so they can read my blogs that are associated with the questions they might have. It has worked a little bit, but I do know that it will take time. I will have to continue to work daily to start building a following. Once I get the following I am hoping that it will start to generate more traffic so I won’t have to put all my time into it. 

    Thanks for you topic it helped me a lot.


    • I have made many mistakes in learning how to get things up and running when it comes to writing articles. I appreciate your comment about my article. I was on a webinar Tuesday afternoon, and the topic was on Linkedin. The speaker talked about building your presents; that’s where people are looking for bloggers like you and me to get involved. Linkedin allows you to build up your profile and establish your brand, build relationships, and engage with people. You might take a look. Tanks so much for your comments. It is appreciated.

  • Great Content. The information really gave me insight on the steps to a marketing Plan. If I ever need to plain to someone what a marketing plan consists of, I’d definitely send them this blog. 50+  After exploring the site further, I found interest in the company and the owner Elizabeth. 

    • I want to write a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your comments, more than happy to share information with you. Thanks, TJ

  • Hi Elizabeth, 

    First off, I’m glad I found your site.  Since I am over 50 and blogging, this is perfect!  As I am new to this business, I will offer comments on my short experience so far.  I’ve come to realize that blogging actually requires lots of time and action.  The good side of it is that it is a business that gives you the opportunity to be creative and to share your passion. On the other hand, since you have to invest so much effort into it, you have to maximize your chances to be successful and make the task a bit easier.  That where the marketing plan comes into play.  It should combine three aspects as you explained – 1. research, essential to “know to whom and what you want to promote” 2. a roadmap “how to get there” 3. a method of measuring and analyzing your results, prompting you to “update and adjust” as needed.

    Thank you for this article, I make my own marketing plan a priority. 

    • I want to write a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your comments. Thanks so much for your comments about my article I am working every day working on improving my articles. It takes a lot of hard work to engage others to ready your materials. Thanks again, its people like you who make a difference in this world. Let’s keep in touch, Vincent.

  • splendid review on how to manage your online marketing plan, planning s the basis for achieving success in what ever we do in life, even a life not well planed will get to a point and would be so frustrating so planning is necessarily all aspects of life..same thing applies to online marketing its important to set up strategies to over your competitors in other to strive in the market and here in this review are ways you can achieve that so read comprehensively and put to practice..
    thamks for the awesome review will share it…

    • I appreciate your comments about being able to share information with visitors or others that are interested in the content that I share on my blog. I work on trying to give content that is useful and useable when it comes to blogging. Thanks so much for sharing your comment about my article, Evans

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