October 23, 2019 2:26 pm

Elizabeth Redd

Let’s talk a bit about what you need to know before you approach a super affiliate. It’s imperative that you know your numbers.

Know Your Numbers: Remember, while you are learning about super affiliates who market to your audience, you are also building up your sales on your own by developing high converting sales pages, effective marketing collateral, and of course amazing products.

It’s Important to Know Your Numbers

* Conversion Rate – This is how many people buy, compared to how many people come to your landing page.

Know Your Numbers: The way you figure this number is to divide the number of people who buy with the number of visitors.

So, if you have 100 sales per 1000 visitors, your conversion rate is 100/1000 = .10 which means your conversion rate is 10 percent.

If you have a higher conversion rate than other similar products, point that out.

* Return Rate – They’re going to want to know how often people tend to return your product.

Be honest about how many returns you have. You can figure this out by percentage, or you can say 1 out of 1000.


* Earnings Per Sale – How much will they earn per sale on the main item? The higher this amount is, the better.

The exception is if you are offering for them to promote a free item with a high priced up-sell. Make sure to explain how it works.

* Options for Recurring Sales – If you offer a recurring program as an up-sell to the initial product, let them know how much they’ll get for that.

You should consider offering continuing commissions for anyone they send. Give them a recurring fee because they’re going to be more likely to promote that knowing they can build on their residual income this way.

* Funnel Information – Give them information about what’s inside the funnel for the initial product that you want them to promote.

know your numbers

Know Your Numbers: When you show them how many up-sells you offer, what the conversion rate is for them, and the potential earnings, that will help attract them to promote your product.

* Gravity – A high gravity score means that other affiliates are earning money with this product. If your products tend to have a high gravity score, let them know.

Even if the product you want them to promote has no stats, sharing old stats from other products is a great idea.

Essentially, super affiliates want to know how well your offers are converting. Give them a quick overview of what numbers they need to know, compare them to competitors, and don’t inflate them.

If you have no numbers to give them yet, it may be difficult to bring them on board unless they agree to view your product and give you feedback that you’re willing to take and change according to their advice.

Why it’s Important you Know Your Numbers

Know Your Numbers: If you’ve built relationships with super affiliates, they may be willing to help you if you have a good reputation otherwise. All you must do is ask. What’s the worst that can happen?

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