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Blogging can be an exciting way to make an incredibly successful living. There is nothing better than earning money writing about what you love.

Although, many new bloggers quit just as quickly as they began. Blogging is much harder than people initially think.

There is so much to do and never enough time. As a new blogger, you are going to make mistakes, and you will make a lot of them, and that is ok.

It can be frustrating and causes many people to throw in the towel. Don’t do that just yet!

Instead, let’s look at the mistakes new bloggers make. Hopefully, then you can move forward as a blogger after correcting those common mistakes that every new blogger has done.

It’s All About You – Mistakes New Bloggers Make

It might be harsh but, it’s the truth. Mistakes new bloggers make by writing about themselves way too much.

People don’t want to know about your dog, a dream you had, or your mother-in-law. They want to know how you can help them.

That’s right; it’s not about you. It’s all about the reader!

You can include a personal story in a post if it relates to the bigger picture. For example, you are writing a post on how to overcome fear; it would be appropriate to include a personal story about something you are terrified of and how you faced your fear.

Just keep in mind your reader wants to know what’s in it for them. You always must make sure it relates to the user.

Think of WIIFM Radio. What’s in it for me?

Visually Appealing

Has this happened to you yet? You write a killer blog post.

It is a position you expected to go viral, but it never happened. In fact, the only views you got on it were from your mom.

In today’s world, people love visuals. Don’t have a blog post with words only.

Break it up with a few images. Amazing pictures will draw people’s attention who may not have wanted to even read your post in the first place.

The amazing photos grabbed their attention and enticed them to read. Then they realize wow, this is great.

One source for free graphics is . You can find almost any image you need there, and there is no charge for the pictures or danger of breaking copyright laws.

Other big mistakes new bloggers make, you do not want to make is using a professional blog layout and theme. Your blog should be easy to navigate and packaged well.

In other words, if your blog looks like a hot mess viewer will log off before they read one word. It must be visually appealing, or it won’t get the traction it needs.

WordPress is the theme of choice for most bloggers today. Be sure and use a responsive theme that automatically resizes to the device.

It means your blog look perfect on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. The reader does have to use their fingers to adjust the size.

It’s relevant for your readers, but it also important to Google. They say 90% of all searches will be done on a mobile phone shortly, so they will not rank any blog that is not mobile friendly.

You may as well use a responsive theme as well in case someone is viewing your blog on something other than their smartphone!

Do Not Rush – Make Money

I know many of us blog today to earn money. Here are the problem new bloggers make.

They focus on how they are going to make money before the get quality content on their blog. It’s important to choose a niche for your blog that you can be excited about adding content.

You want to get a blog of at least 10 to 20 quality posts set up before you start worrying about monetizing your content. Put the focus on the quality content first and the money second.

This way when people do come to your blog they’re going to be me impressed with the content and more likely to follow through on the action you want them to take.

Another thing to keep in mind is if you’re going to monetize with Google AdSense they are not going to approve you unless you have quality content first. They’re not going to let you set up an AdSense account for a blog that only has a couple of posts on it.

Be Consistent

New bloggers do not think they need an editorial calendar. They believe that they should write about whatever pops into their head.

Newbies often post every day for weeks because they have a million ideas. Then they post nothing for over a month. There is no consistency. It will result in your blog losing followers which you need.

People like consistency. Readers want to know what’s happening. If you post a new post every Thursday, that’s fine.

If you post every Monday and Friday or If you post once every two weeks, that’s alright too. Stay consistent.

Use the feature in your back office where you can set the publish date in advance. This way if you are in the mood to write you can pre-publish and always have content showing up on a consistent basis in the times where you do not feel like writing.

Mistakes New Bloggers Make Summary

We have just reviewed four of the most common mistakes new bloggers make. Now that you know the most common mistakes new bloggers make, you can either prevent them from happening or fix errors that have already occurred.

Once you have consistent, visually appealing high content, that focuses on your reader, the rest is sure to follow. A new blog will gain more traffic leading to email subscribers which ultimately can result in you making money. Remember, learn from your mistakes instead of repeating them

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