People Over 50 Feeling Younger As A Blogger

Do you know what often makes us feel old? Boredom! I have found that is why many people do not quit their job. Beyond the money, many people don’t leave because they are afraid of being bored.

I may have found a cure for feeling younger. At least I am experiencing it.

My solution? Become a blogger.

What is a blogger exactly?

A blogger writes material for a blog. A blog started as an online journal for people to share their thoughts.

Today it is much more than just that. However, at its core blogging can be very exhilarating and if you are over 50 like me, it is a great way to feel younger.


Be Creative

You can be creative and write about anything you want. Often people start a blog with a specific goal in mind and then it leads them off in all kinds of directions. That’s very exciting, and it’s never dull.

You also be creative in the types of content you put on your blog. Today blogs are more than just words.

Please do some research on blogs on things that you’re interested in and look at everything people are putting on their blogs. Graphics, videos, audios, and these are all present in a variety of ways.

If you have a blog in a niche, you are interested in, and passionate about, you’ll never be bored. It will always be exciting to create more content and get the next post going!

Incorporate Social Media

It is pretty hard to blog today without having some presence online in the form of social media. Facebook is an excellent example of this right now.

Bloggers are starting Facebook groups and incorporating them into their blog. It’s a great way to interact with people daily.

Also, many bloggers are currently creating Facebook live events and posting them on their blogs. When you’re actively involved with people that are interested in the same things as you-you’re not going to be bored and you’re going to feel younger.

It is just one way that social media can be tied in with your blog. Let me also mention that

YouTube videos are easy to make.

You can tweet all day long and interact with your followers on Twitter. Of course other forms of social media such as Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn tie in very well with various types of blogs.

The key thing is once you’ve made a blog post you can continue to be active and promote your post on different types of social media. It keeps the action going and keeps you busy in a fun sort of way.

Summary: People Over 50 Feeling Younger As A Blogger

Yes, people over 50 are feeling younger when they have their blog. Not only is it a way to keep busy, but it’s fun when you’re blocking on something that you’re interested in or passionate about.

It’s even more fun when you can interact with people via social media who have a common interest in what you are blogging!

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