October 25, 2019 5:08 am

Elizabeth Redd

How to Become A Super Affiliate

A super affiliate is someone who already markets to your audience or lookalike audience that wants your products and or services.

They tend to have good sized lists. Most are dedicated to earning a full-time income via affiliate marketing. Super affiliates enjoy building relationships with their audience and product creators who can fill needs for their audience.

Their first loyalty is to their audience. A Super affiliate have guru status to their followers, and their audience will often buy most of what they promote.

A Sales Person

As you know, an affiliate is essentially a salesperson who gets paid a commission only for completed sales.

Most affiliates won’t generate that many purchases over the lifetime of a launch, but some individual members – “super” affiliates – can create hundreds of sales on their own.

Sometimes, they generate thousands of dollars per product launch.

Makes More Sales Than Average

Often, a super affiliate will account for 80 percent of sales of any product even over your purchases as you market your products.

Super members are unique. Because of this, a super affiliate will expect you to produce amazing products consistently, have a deep and wide sales funnel giving them more opportunity to generate more sales, offer lifetime cookies, and pay instantly (or at least within 30 days) for their work.

They Usually Make Somewhere Near 6 Figures

Many super affiliates are generating six figures in their affiliate marketing business selling other people’s products. Sometimes they have their own products. However, often they are only promoting other people’s products to their audience. They are good at sniffing out products that their audience needs and wants.

Super Affiliates Focus on Relationship Building


They focus on building relationships with their audience and only promote products that they genuinely love and often use themselves.

They spend their time blogging and educating their audience, engaging with their audience, and reviewing and recommending products. They know their audience need these products because they know what pain points their audience has.

Service a Lookalike Audience – A Super Affiliate

The right a super affiliate will influence an audience just like yours, often called a lookalike audience.

Sometimes the viewers do a crossover, but that’s okay because if they send you someone, and you offer lifetime cookies, they’re going to get credit for every sale that is generated from that person, regardless of whether they sent them directly to that product or not.

When you get a super affiliate on board, you’re going to change your business in more ways than you can imagine.

The right super member can develop your business from a hobby to a market. For this reason, you can consider them to be a second audience that you need to work toward attracting and bringing on board.

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