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Your Blog must contain important and essential pages

Essential Web Pages for New Bloggers

Best Pages to Create: The new bloggers often skip creating pages for their blogging site and start writing social media blog posts.

Creating social media posts can seem enticing initially but ultimately fail to maintain the interaction with the audience in the long run.

Your audience is keen to know more about you, your journey, your mission, and whether your web platform is safe.

Best Pages to Create: That is why you should always prioritize creating Home, About Us, Privacy Policy, Contact Us, Terms, and Conditions, and Disclaimer pages to ensure the authenticity of your blogging platform.

When your target audience learns more about you and the fact that their credentials are safe with you, they are likely to build a deeper relationship with your blogs.

Every blogging website should contain the following six key pages:

1.  Home Page

A home page is a top hub, the main landing page, and your best bet to impress web visitors. With a proper home page, you can get a chance to educate your web visitors about your brand.

Moreover, if your home page is well-adorned, it will compel the visitors to explore the rest of the web pages of your platform.

The home page will drive your audience to your blogs, products, and projects, so make sure it is easy to navigate.

Apart from engaging content, your blogging website's home page must comprise essential elements, like a Twitter Feed, Instagram Feed, an Email Signup Navigation bar, a piece of brief information about you, some famous and recent posts, etc.

All elements should be added chronologically, or it will make your home page chaotic and disorganized. For example, place your logo, banners, and links in the header section.

After that, develop the content with a short intro explaining yourself and your expertise. Then, feature an alluring call-to-action button and email signup to keep your readers updated.

After that, you can add the testimonials of your visitors and some recent blog posts you have created.

2.  About Us Page


A B C's of an About Page

Best Pages to Create: When your readers learn about who you are and your purpose in creating the blogging platform, they instantly admire you.

Due to this reason, you should not skip adding the 'about us' or 'me' section, depending on whether you handle the site personally or in the group.

This page lets the audience know the strenuous efforts of people behind the curtains, building trust and sentiments.

However, since it is not a description or a biography, keep everything brief and compact while developing your blog's 'about us' content.

The about us page must have significant sections, including an introduction of you and your team, your objective and mission behind creating the blogs, your achievements, and a tempting CTA.

Since the blogging platform is yours, you are one to decide how to design your very own about us page. Following are a few guidelines to help with the sections on your About Us page:

Your Introduction and Background

Here, you can brief yourself, your schooling, and your partners who help you to handle the platform.

Also, you can tell your audience what made you develop this blogging platform. It will help you to connect with your target audience, thus, allowing you to develop a trustworthy relationship.

Your Mission & Vision

Following that, you can add two separate sections of your mission and values.

In the mission section, you can elaborate concisely on your goals of writing blogs, the topics that drive you to write about, your expertise, and how you can help your readers through your writings.

The value section can include your prioritization of the blogging topics and the effort you put in to bring out the authenticity of the subject, so your blogs stand out from the crowd. 

Your Achievements

It is a perfect opportunity to build your fan base. Readers want their role models to be supreme.

Taking this as an opportunity, you can mention the awards or certificates you have received for writing. Also, if you want the readers to read your recent posts, you can add the links here.

3.  Contact Us Page

Best Pages to Create: A simple yet catchy contact us page added to your blogging platform increases engagement with your audience.

Your readers must get an easy and convenient way to keep in touch with you. In fact, through a contact page, you can invite brands to collaborate and promote their services/products.

You can embed a form where visitors need to fill in details to hear from you. Add a few compelling texts before the form to tempt your audience to contact.

Alternatively, you can add your email address, asking your readers to mail you. However, keep the content on your contact page short and compact to keep it clear and less distracting.

4.  Privacy Policy Page


Ensuring Bloggers that the credentials they share with you are in safe hands.

People have become very concerned about interacting with online podiums with rising reports of personal information exploitation.

Best Pages to Create: A privacy policy page builds trust among them, ensuring that the credentials they share with you are in safe hands.

The primary goal of the page is to inform your website visitors about how you or a third-party tool might collect and use the user data.

Including a privacy policy page, even if you are not making money from your blogging platform, is a must. It marks your website as safe and authentic.

If you use Google AdSense, you must include a privacy policy page on your blogging website.

While preparing the content of your privacy policy page, make sure it is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) compliant.

Each state has its legal requirements for privacy legislation. On average, a privacy policy page needs to have the following aspects:

  • The details of the website owner
  • Revelations of third-party access to the user data
  • The process, purpose, and type of data being collected
  • Disclosure of the notification process when you modify or update your privacy policy
  • How long the user data will stay in your records

5.  Terms & Conditions Page

Bullies who hide behind the screen can harass you and your audience, who share their feedback on your blog's comment section. Also, some people wait to copy your unique content for their benefit.

To protect your website content and stop abuses, adding a 'terms of use page' to your website is necessary. The page notifies the web visitors of the terms and conditions they need to obey to access your web platform and its content.

Also, it informs them about your rights to terminate any user account due to the violations of the terms set.

While inscribing your terms of use page, mention the guidelines for using your website and the consequences of disobeying them.

Additionally, do not forget that the international copyright act secures your content, and imitating it without your permission can lead an individual to serve penalties.

The page should include a limitation of liability section, where you must mention that the owner should not be held accountable for any errors or issues in the content.

6.  Disclaimer Page

Best Pases to Create: You need to add a separate disclaimer page. Through it, you can share with your readers the way you earn with your blog posts.

For instance, if you endorse an affiliate product or promote display ads, you must mention that the content is sponsored or monetized.

Protecting yourself from liability charges is particularly important if your promoted products fail to meet the truth they claim.

The content you develop for your earnings disclaimer must pass the FTC(Federal Trade Commission) scrutiny, so choose your elements carefully.

Why Is Your Blog Valuable to your Readers?

Nothing can justify the hurdles you have to pass to run a blog hassle-free. There will be many obstacles, and you need to handle the issues tactfully to maintain the goodwill of your website.

Even before that, you must make them understand why the blog is necessary and what they will get from your blog.

Many bloggers aim for quality only. However, the blogging career is very much saturated now. So, you need to plan everything cautiously to get the best result.

Whether you handle a personal blog or a business model, you must manage the website to extract the best output.

Also, the people taking your service need to know about your work and recent products. For that, they can't visit or call you personally. And you can't entertain each client individually.

So, you need a compact and detailed planning and model to explain your work and upcoming events.

That is why you need a properly functional blog or website where the audience can get the required details with a click. Apart from that, Blogging is the bridge between you and your clients, which in turn will develop the following:

Loyalty And Trust

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness – are the essentials for improving your content. And Google also uses the E-A-T algorithm to recognize quality content. So, with the support from Google, you can build trust and loyalty with your consumers.

Increased Visibility

SEO-enriched blogs with the right keywords increase visibility among users.

So, the questions by the visitors will include the keywords that are popular on Google. Thus, by answering those questions, you will bring more users to the blog.

Apart from that, internal linking also increases the visibility of your blog. Therefore, spread as many links to your products and services as possible through social media posts.

Grows Brand Awareness

To start a new venture, you must grow brand awareness by creating new and original content.

And if the blog is on top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) list, searchers will be directed to your blog.

With time, you can also inform about your brand through social media platforms.

Generate Leads

If you can engage your readers through your content, they will be coming back for more content.

With this, you can make them subscribe to your email marketing. For example, you can add a link stating, 'if you want to receive news about new products and avail a coupon, subscribe here.

It will attract website visitors to subscribe, generating new leads.

Client Engagement

A blog is where you don't just post about your products or services. It is more than that; you can share content visible to people from different areas and countries. Therefore, you can understand the reachability of a blog.

So, even if you can't visit them personally. You can promote your thoughts and products through the site. It is indeed a great way to educate people about new things.

Know Your Clients

A blog is an open platform where you share content, and the audience or guest bloggers can share their opinions. It has become an easy-to-approach site.

Therefore, your potential clients will be more comfortable sharing what they want or looking for from you. You will get more clients if you understand their needs and can act on them accordingly.

Also, your blog will be a place for more innovations. So, when a user puts a question on your blog, others will also think about the same. It will generate new ideas.

That is how a blog works to improve the livelihood of people.

So, your blog becomes vital to them.

Who Is Your Blog For?

Let's accept that your blog is not for everyone. You have a particular niche. And people who are looking for content in that genre will be interested in your blog.

But, finding those target audiences and how to grab their interest is the main motive of your blog posts.

So, before aiming for them, you need to know who your blogs are for. Only after that will you be able to generate blogs that will get popular with time.

Find Your Target Audience



Many bloggers fail to find their target audience. So, how do you find them? Here are the 11 easy steps to help you find your target audience.

  • Bloggers can target social networking sites to channel their target audience. Analyzing people's likes, common demographic interests, and trending content is accessible.
  • Search the online discussion forums on Google for your niche content.
  • Google search the focus keywords that you are using in your content. Use the most used keywords in Google to enhance the SERP ranking.
  • Follow other competitive brands or websites that are popular among people.
  • Engagement is the key to the success of your blog. So, follow the comment on your competitor's websites and learn what is trending among the audience.
  • You need to provide what people are looking for. So, pay close attention to the comment section of your blog.
  • Use the free information and statistics from the research and data collection companies to know the demographics and psychographics of your target audience.
  • Be interactive on any discussion forum and answer a few questions with subtle hints from your blog posts.
  • Take notes from the podcasts and YouTube videos on your niche content.
  • Arrange a meet and greet or live programs to interact with your audience personally. It will build loyalty and trust among the users.
  • Read and educate yourself with the books from the authors who have written in your genre. Also, getting close to them will bring more knowledge on targeting an audience through blog posts.

Hence, try to include these factors to target your audience. You will never know what will do magic for your blog.

Write A Short Bio About Yourself and Your Blog



Now that you have in-depth blogging knowledge let me share my experience. I am a digital marketer, and I write blogs on digital marketing.

Since starting my blog, trends and parameters have changed significantly. Keeping all my experience and trends on one plate, I have gathered the parameters that worked for my digital marketing blogs.

So, I'm sharing the things that benefitted my blog website.

  • A domain name is the first thing I chose. And I believe it must be unique. So, people can find the blog with the name quickly.
  • I ran detailed research on the types of content people wanted to read. So, make sure to know about the trends people follow related to your blog.
  • SEO has a significant role in the growing audience. So, I incorporated most searched keywords on Google and used them throughout my content.
  • As an SEO and digital marketing blogger, I invite guest SEO bloggers to write for my blog page. So, people from other blogs visit my blogs too.
  • Even though the initial days were tough, with a few visits to my blog, I have been posting content consistently. And that is how you grab the attention of the viewers.
  • Decorate the blog with great website hosting companies. I started with a free version of WordPress and then switched to the paid version for more features.
  • Creating a logo for the blog will add professionalism. And people will understand that you are passionate about the blog. So they will be interested in your content.
  • Improving my website visuals with lots of pictures increased my website visitors. People are more into visuals than reading.
  • Spread the word about your blog through social media marketing. Now it does not mean you have to take the paid version right from the beginning.
  • You can spread the news about your blogs through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other popular social networking sites. And once you get the desired result, you can opt for the paid versions.
  • Bring website traffic with the help of a quality hosting site. My hosting plan focuses on digital marketing strategies with affiliate marketing.

    Similarly, tons of hosting sites offer specific features that will serve the purpose of your blog. Look for those features and read their service packages minutely.
  • Most of the hosting companies offer 99% uptime. But how will they compensate you if they fail to do so? These are the things that you need to know before getting their services.
  • Lastly, be patient and keep doing good work. With quality content and analysis, you will get the desired result.

You do not need to follow these steps verbatim, as you may have to chalk out your plan differently, so why don't you start creating your online pages immediately? 

Irresistible call-to-action text at the end of your 'about us section

Allure readers by providing exciting deals and vouchers for subscribing to your email marketing

Call To Action

An irresistible call-to-action text at the end of your 'about us section will allow you to gain more traffic and followers in real time.

Since people mostly visit the about us page of any website, you can take advantage of it and urge your readers to take a step with tempting words.

It can be anything from following you on any social media platform to buying a book you've recently launched.

You can allure readers by providing exciting deals and vouchers for subscribing to your email marketing, resulting in getting data on new customers.

Furthermore, if your Blog is indirectly or directly connected to products or services, you can add links to those products and services to this part.

You can also promote other sites' blogs (of course, with permission) by hyperlinking the blog post heading.

Keep in mind

Readers admire unique approaches, easy-to-understand terms, and friendly tone, be it the Blog or the content of the blogging pages. 

Now that you know what pages to add and how to plan the inner content layout, pen down your unique, catchy, and engaging content to capture your audience's attention.

The newcomers can also plump for adding a bonus page, where you can invite the audience to subscribe to your other social media channels, ask them to share their feedback, and write pieces to get featured.

It will enable you to increase your blogging platform's awareness quickly.   

I hope the information I've provided might serve as a good place for you to start when blogging.

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