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Blog Post Titles

Blog Post Titles

Craft Great Blog Post Titles: I’ll let you in on a little secret. The most important part of your blog post titles is your title. How well you write, how well-researched your content is, or how beautiful your images are means nothing if you can’t get readers to click through and start reading your post.

 And the single most crucial thing when it comes to getting readers’ attention is your blog post title.

It’s also the most important on-page factor when it comes to SEO. So if you’re hoping for lots of free traffic from Google and all your favorite social media sites, you need to get good at crafting great blog post titles

Start With Your Keyword

The key with great blog post titles is to strive for a balance between a title the search engines will like and one that your readers will find exciting and engaging enough to make them want to click on it.

To get that balance just right, I like to start with a keyword or key phrase that I want to rank for in the search engines.

Open up your favorite keyword research tool – like the Google Keyword Planner, for example – and play around with it until you come up with the keyword or key phrase you want to rank for.

For the sake of illustration, let’s say our keyword example is “best blog hosts,” and the post will be a review of five of the best hosting companies for WordPress blogs. “best blog hosts” is the keyword we want to rank for in this example.

blog post

blog post customers

Make It Interesting

Craft Great Blog Post Titles: Now that we have the keyword, it’s time to make it interesting for our readers. There are plenty of different ways to turn our example keyword into an interesting blog post title. Here are a few ideas:

  • The Three Best Blog Hosts Reviewed – Read This Before You Sign Up
  • Looking For a New Home for Your Blog? The Best Blog Hosts Reviewed
  • My Top 5 Best Blog Hosts Revealed – Here’s Whom I Recommend
  • Wondering Who The Best Blog Hosts Are?
  • Is Your Host One The Best of The Best Blog Hosts List?

Do you see how this works? Start with the keyword and then try to think about why your readers would be looking for this information. Focus on what’s in it for them by sharing content that will help them out.

Stay Authentic and Stick With Your Style

Last but not least, stay authentic and stick with your style. It is particularly crucial if you’re an established blogger.

Don’t just copy and paste the blog post titles above. They may not reflect the style and tone of voice of your blog posts. In other words, they may not be you.

Balance the need for the search engines to quickly find what you’re content is about, the need to keep things interesting for your readers, with your voice.

You may find it helpful to write a few different blog post titles down and then chose the one that resonates most with you (and hopefully with your readers).

Informative Blog Post Titles

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