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Free Images Trending in 2022 for Blogs and Marketing

Free Stock Image Websites Trending In 2023: Images provide a good user experience; also, it has been observed blog posts with images get 94% more views.

Since our brains are wired for visual Content, we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text and retain 80% of what we see compared to 20% of what we read.

Images engage viewers and capture their attention more effectively than words alone.

Free Stock Image Websites Trending In 2023:

Thus, to increase engagement in content marketing, digital marketing experts use eye-catching infographics and images to evoke emotions in their audience.

The best way to engage an audience is to convey emotion through images; Photo by Maximilian Müller on Unsplash

THe best way to engage an audience is to convey emotion through free images

Why are Images so Important in Content Marketing?

The chief purpose of content marketing is to boost brand awareness while capturing the audience's attention to a particular product or service.

And then, the images work perfectly in developing emotion regarding a specific business and assist in forming an idea about the services and the products offered.

Let us look at the benefits of using images as a crucial part of content marketing:

Keep Readers Engaged

High quailty Imagess from Free Stock trending with a child  checking out images.

A child engaged in reading, checking out High quality Free Images Trending in 2023 for Blogs

A picture speaks a thousand words; moreover, high-quality free images in the Content keep your readers hooked on the post, encouraging them to read further.

Long Lasting Impression

Free Stock Image Websites Trending In 2023: We remember what we see; therefore, if you like to leave a long-lasting impression in your audience's mind, use relevant, high-quality images.

Research says the human brain can remember 5% of regular text information after three days, whereas it can remember 65% of the relevant imagery presented with the text.

Humans are attracted to colors
When used suitably, colors can evoke positive or negative emotions, emphasizing and de-emphasizing parts of an image considered necessary.

In the thirteen milliseconds it takes someone to glance at your material – that is when you, a marketer, can influence positively and allow them to respond appropriately.

Color can boost readers' attention span, consequently helping them recall the same by 82% when used correctly.

Enhance Sales

With proper use of images, your audience gets a better view and knowledge regarding the product or service they are interested in.

Around 65% of online buyers have agreed that high-quality product images play a vital role in selecting and zeroing down on products or services.

The Use of Copyright-Free Images for Blogs

Photographs and images are protected under copyright laws.

Still, some photos and images are available for bloggers to use on their blogs under Creative Commons Licenses, which means the owners grant permission for other people to use the images with some restrictions.

Use legally available images to reproduce on your Blog to avoid copyright violations.

Free Stock Image Websites Trending In 2023: Well, finding high-quality free images for marketing is a tricky affair. Paying for copyrighted photos can be a pricey move.

However, suppose you make your search game strong enough.

In that case, you can quickly come across several platforms like Free Images,, Dreamstime, etc. allows you to download and use free images for your blog posts and product descriptions.

Before using free images, consider the following aspects –

  • Checking the Free Use license, as some photos are restricted for commercial use.
  • Using attribution while using free images.
  • Some websites that let you use free images ask you to provide precise attribution, a legal requirement for royalty-free photos.
  • While downloading a free image, the resource will give you a short code to paste right into your blog post's bottom to give attribution. 

The Use of Terms Before Using a Free Image

Using Stock Free Image of a Lady using a camera

Free Images Trending in 2023 for Blogs, Stock free images of a lady using a camera

This one question always bothers any blogger or content marketing expert: Is this free Image legal to use in a blog post?

Here, we will help you to understand the different terms related to free images for marketing.

Noncommercial Use

Free Stock Image Websites Trending In 2023:

The images under the 'noncommercial use' category can be available for many possibilities, including educational, scholarly, personal, and artistic projects, etc.

However, you cannot use it for promotional purposes where monetary profit is involved. Examples of noncommercial images include screensavers, presentations, research papers, and so on.

Commercial Use

You can use the photos as a marketing or promotional element on your content or blog posts without worrying about legal disputes.


The royalty-free images are not at all free of cost. With royalty-free images comes a one-time-paid permit.

Once you pay for it, you can use the Image countless times without paying additional charges.

Free Stock Photos for Blogs

Free stock images are blessings for the content marketer.

These images can be downloaded and used many times as you wish, and in return, you neither need to pay for nor stress about the copyright.

But giving the attribution could be mandatory for a few sites. And even if it is not, you can still show gratitude through acknowledgment.

What Is a Creative Common License?

Creative Commons, abbreviated as CC, is a global nonprofit organization to offer open-copyright licenses, allowing authors to grant their consent for sharing and reusing their creative under the terms they specify.

The Creative Commons copyright licenses offer specific permissions depending on the copyright license you select for your work.

There is a total of six Creative Commons licenses are available, those include:

  • Attribution.
  • ShareAlike- attribution.
  • No Derivatives- Attribution.
  • Noncommercial- Attribution.
  • Noncommercial - ShareAlike – Attribution
  • NonCommercial attribution; no derivatives

What Is Public Domain?

Public Domain content and Images free Copyright Trending

The term public domain refers to those Content and images free from copyright and can be used without acquiring any permission or grant.

Photos and Content enter the Public Domain for two primary reasons: the work was never secured, or the copyright has expired.

Also, when the initial creator of the work transferred it into the public domain, it became legally free to reuse.

The photos that fall under Public Domain are copyright-free images easily found through search engines.

How to Search Google for Copyright-Free Images Websites Trending In 2023?

All the images that turn up on internet search results are not always accessible. While some have copyright issues, others have specific terms to reuse.

Free Stock Image Websites Trending In 2023: Stock photos are the most reliable option for content creators as they do not appear with any legal liabilities.

But finding which photo is copyrighted and which is not can be a hassle; however, not anymore!

To help content marketers, Google has introduced its advanced image search option, through which you can find every detail of a picture's copyright concern.

This way, you can distinguish the free images from the copyrighted ones and use them conveniently in your posts.

Here are how to use avail of Google's updated search option for free images:

  • Open Google's image search bar and enter a subject name.
  • Then, tap on the settings icon to enable the advanced search option.
  • Next, locate the drop-down menu called 'usage rights' and click on 'free to use or share, even commercially.
  • Lastly, tap on the blue button that reads Advanced Search, and you are good to go!
  • Google will provide you with many free images for marketing to choose from.

List of Websites for Copyright-free Images Websites Trending In 2023

A food blog is never complete without an image; Photo by Brodie from Burst

Free stock photo platform from Burst - Free Images Trending in 2022 for Blogs


Burst is a stock photo platform launched by Shopify for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Here you can find countless free stock photos and use them in your Content without the risk of legal consequences.

However, some images from this platform hold a Creative Commons license, but most of them are licensed.

Burst's photos are HD quality and organically clicked in-house to cater to different business niches.

Whether you are looking for LED sneaker images or beauty care products, this free stock image platform got you covered.

Kaboom Pics

If you are looking for an aesthetic vibe for your business or marketing strategy, KaboomPics is your go-to platform!

This free stock image podium is a gem for those looking for artistic visuals of architecture, fashion, landscapes, delicious foods, savory drinks, and more.

All the images hosted here are worth staring at and are high Quality. The only limitation is you can use the pictures only for commercial reasons, but they cannot be redistributed or sold.


If you need freshly clicked images for your marketing strategy, not the overused monotonous ones, give it a shot to the Depositphotos.

It is a stock photography website that sells images under a royalty-free license and is updated weekly with brand-new, free stock images.

Once you sign up for the site for free, you will get a notification of all the latest photos uploaded to it from time to time.


For offering a seamless experience to the users, Pexels keeps everything handy! The hosted photos are easily searchable and nicely tagged.

Free Stock Image Websites Trending In 2022: The free stock photos available in the Pexels fall under their license. Also, the platform has mentioned the terms and conditions one needs to follow to use the photos.

It lets you modify the photos free of cost and use them for personal and commercial use. You do not have to give any attribution!

Free Images

The name of the platform says it all! At Free Images, you can discover more than 300,000 stock photos for different business niches.

The platform has its license, letting content creators use the images for multiple purposes. However, there are a few restrictions, but they are fair compared to the facilities the site offers the users.


Stocksnap equips you with thousands of free stock photos with HD resolution.

With user-friendly UI and navigation options, users quickly gain access and browse through its gorgeous images.

StockSnap keeps track of the views and downloads, which helps you learn the most trending stock photos on which the content creators are going 'ga-ga.'

Moreover, the platform adds hundreds of new free stock images daily, so you will not ever have to repeat a choice.

StockSnap has its license option, allowing marketers to download, edit, and use the images for commercial and noncommercial purposes.


Pixabay is a viral site where you can find tons of free stock images to use in your blog posts and product descriptions.

The images on the Website are licensed by CCO (Creative Commons Zero), meaning you can easily avail of the photos without permission or asking for attribution.

However, the site always reminds the users to check the image content before using it to avoid infringement of their rights.

Images are everything when it comes to travel and tourism marketing and content creation, Photo

Images are everything when it comes to travel and tourism marketing and content creation, Photo Free Images Trending in 2022 for Blogs


The free stock image website Flickr can be a top-notch choice when looking for photos to use in your marketing strategy.

Free Stock Image Websites Trending In 2022: The site hosts myriad high-quality free images for marketing. Well, Flickr allows you to modify the images before using them too!

However, some of the images available here could be copyrighted. So, it would help if you were incredibly careful while searching.

Click on the commercial use & modes allowed option under the 'Any license' filter to get liability-free images.

New Old Stock

Have you thought about adding vintage images to complement your content creation? Then the New Old Stock can be especially helpful for you!

The Website hosts thousands of tempting, gorgeous, and high-quality vintage photos from public domains free from restrictions and copyright issues.


Unsplash is a one-stop solution for all your stock image requirements.

The platform has a license allowing you to use the hosted images multiple times for content marketing.

You can edit and use them as they are or any other way you prefer! The Website only restricts you from using the images for developing an Unsplash-alike competing platform.


Canva offers opportunities for content creators to use to develop their marketing strategies.

It is a 2-in-1 platform offering free stock photos and, at the same time, lets you turn an ordinary photo into a personalized graphic for creating social media posts.

In fact, with this tool, you can generate original infographics according to the statistics discussed in your blog post.

If you are not a designer or prefer to put your time into areas of your Website, then Canva will become a firm favorite in your free image area.

Canva gives you a head start with all kinds of online images:

Social media graphics for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

YouTube Channel Art

LinkedIn Banners

Business stationery and letterheads


Worksheets and certificates

Brochures and eBooks

If you want to create, chances are that Canva has some gorgeous templates to customize and use on your business website.

The photos hosted here fall under the license of Creative Commons, meaning copyright-free.

Crello or Vista Create

Another famous name in the list of free stock photo websites is Crello or Vista Create, where you can download and use a vast library of stock photos, videos, and vectors free of cost!

These images and videos are in 4k resolution and can be employed for commercial and monetary purposes.

It allows one to create visuals for professional or personal uses and offers convenient editing tools like background remover, logo maker, social media schedular, resizing tools, and much more.


As mentioned earlier in the write-up, you can easily find gorgeous free stock photos in HD quality. All you need to do is filter your search option through its settings option.

The finest thing is you can get photos of all categories and industries

Find free-to-use images on Google

  1. Head to Google Images, and type in the Image you're looking for.
  2. Select Tools > Usage Rights, and then choose Creative Commons licenses.
  3. Google will then display images that have been licensed under Creative Commons.

There are different ways to get Google advance search by typing Enjoy your read.


Popular Vecteezy hosts more than millions of free stock images.

The Website has everything from abstract images, fashion, and beauty care pictures to interior decorations!

The coolest part about this Website is its enhanced search option. Vecteezy lets you refine the photo results, age and number of people, style, orientation, color, and more.

However, you would need to give attribution to use the images. The platform has a curated team manually reviewing every photo submitted to the Website.


Foodies Feed provides thousands of free stock photos of luscious food dishes.

From Chinese to Thai to continental, the food images hosted here can bring water to your mouth!

The images are all in 4k resolution and perfect for food bloggers! With a user-friendly UI, the Website is easy to use.


iStock is no less than a paradise for content creators!

The Website flaunts thousands of handpicked rare, unique, and eye-alluring free images.

iStock is the perfect platform for freelancers and startup business holders. This one is ideal for those looking for something out of the box for content marketing.

All the images available here are copyright free and do not require any attribution to use for editorial and commercial purposes.


You will never get any restrictions on choices while using Picjumbo as the Website daily updates new free stock photos from every category.

 Here, you can find pleasing abstract photos, nature photography, fashion images, technology, and so on! There are no copyright restrictions on the available photos. Also, the images can be for commercial, noncommercial, and personal purposes without attribution. Also, the platform does not ask you to register to use the images.


To add spark to your blog posts and other content marketing strategies, Gratisography brings thousands of amazing copyrights-free and attribution-free images.

The Website has its license and does not ask for any attribution. You must download your favorite images and use them for your commercial!

The Website is updated weekly with fresh, new, and eye-catching free stock photos in HD resolution.

The hosted photos are worth staring at and clicking by Bells Design and Ryan McGuire.


For all the lady entrepreneurs who want to encourage other women to pursue their dream and kick start their setup, WOCinTech is a treat for them!

The Website hosts an album of millions of photos of women in tech! Founded by Stephanie and Christina, the Website is loaded with high-quality pictures of tech women.

So, the platform has over five hundred images and is copyright-free and attribution-free!

Getty Images

Have you heard of any free stock photo website where you can embed pictures, or is it just we did not know?

Well, the platform called Getty Images lets you embed their pictures free of cost! However, these images are only for noncommercial websites.

Embedding a picture can be a little intrusive but fun to try! While embedding, the picture retains the original frame, branding, and share buttons, making it perfect for your blog posts.


Foca focuses on images of workspaces and nature. Captured by Jeffrey Betts, the images are indeed handy and come in HD resolution.

All released photos fall under the Creative Commons license and thus are copyright-free. You can use Images for any purpose without the risk of legal conflict.

The platform is easy to use, and new images are updated here routinely, which makes it a go-to website for content creators.

Apart from photos, the Website also lets you use free video clippings, original music footage, SFX images, and more!


Styledstock is a free stock photo website to support women's empowerment. The website posts impressive and classy photos every day.

Available photos are copyright-free and attribution-free.

With a frictionless downloading facility, images may be used without any legal restriction for personal and commercial purposes.

The inbuilt library includes cool templates, bundles, desktop flat lays, and more!


SkitterPhoto is a pit of free images for marketing. The photos released here come under a Creative Commons license.

So, you can use them for any purpose without worrying about copyright issues. This platform has a team who clicks and uploads new pictures routinely.

You can either use the images as they are or make your edits. The platform does not hold any restrictions for either case.

Death to Stock

Death to Stock is a subscription-based website allowing users to access the freshest stock photos and videos with unlimited downloads.

The platform collaborates with renowned artists to offer unique stock resources to its subscribers.

Death to Stock does not have a gallery of images; instead, it delivers the visuals right into one's library, ready for reuse.

High-contrast images stand out, reveal the subject's entirety, and convey a sense of power. Photo by Talia on Unsplash Free Images Trending in 2022 for Blogs

High-contrast images stand out, reveal the subject's entirety, and convey a sense of power. Photo by Talia. Free Images Trending in 2022 for Blogs

Overall, images automatically convey emotion, connecting the audience by engaging them with correct expectations.

Create Free visual Images for Content on your Website

Color Palette-Muzli's Palette Generator for copyright-free images for blogs

Beautiful Color Palettes for Free Image color scheme - Free Images Trending in 2022 for Blogs and Marketing

Free Images Trending in 2022 for Beautiful Color Palettes for Blogs and Marketing Beautiful Color Palettes for Free Image color scheme - Free Images Trending in 2022 for Beautiful Color Palettes for Blogs and Marketing

Color Palette Generator, The use of this Color Palette is a way to help you select a color scheme for your Blog.

It also helps to maintain a consistent color scheme for your Blog

In a compact overview, Muzli's Palette Generator shows you different palettes based on the right set of colors

Free Stock Image Websites Trending In 2022: Free Images can evaluate your Blog, banners, posters, and landing pages based on colors.


Online GIF maker and Image Editor is a simple online Gif maker and toolset for basic animated Gif editing. You can create, resize, crop, reverse, optimize, and apply some effects to Gifs. Click Video to Gif, Gif Resize, Optimizer, and Gif Maker

Remove Image Background

Remove Image Background - 100% automatically in Seconds with one Click.

You can slash editing time. Whether you want Stunning Quality if you want to make a background transparent (PNG) or a white background to a Photo, you can do all of this and more with

Free Images Trending in 2022 A baby's stunning transparent, free image

Free Images Trending in 2022 A baby's stunning transparent, free image background (PNG) made by


Kraken Image Optimization – Connect your WordPress blog to Kranken API by installing the plugin. Once installed, all new image uploads will be automatically optimized. Check out this Video for easy installation All Plans Start as a free account


PlaceHolder is a free image service for web designers. You can specify image size and format (GIF, JPG, PNG, and WEBP), background color, text color, and text.


Photopea – Adobe Photoshop is a fantastic program for the use of your images. It is not a Free program. The cost for this program is $250.00 for one year.

Photopea comes with tons of free-to-use stock images thanks to its integration with

Sometimes striking contrasting images shock the users with a contrasting perspective. Thus, in modern times, any post without an image is some sloppy work.

Whether it is a photo, illustration, chart, or infographic, visual Content can impact your audience, strengthening your venture.

Surprisingly, the best part is you do not need to drain your pocket with different tools to improve your content strategy. Just a few royalty-free images for blogs can win you the game!

Free Stock Photos for blogs trending 2022 from Unsplash created lilly-rum-oAapTASnOgc-unsplash

Free Stock Photos for blogs trending 2022 from Unsplash created lilly-rum-oAapTASnOgc-unsplash

This article will help you find the best and most exciting copyright-free images on the internet.
Free Stock Image Websites Trending In 2022: Enjoy this FREE Public Domain resource for your benefit, depending on what you want to use them for, business, blogs, mugs, etc., for your business. CLICK HERE and ENJOY

Take a LOOK: Free GIMP Tutorial to Create Coloring Pages from Quotes Graphics and Card Deck Images

Take a Minute and View this Tutorial for Wall ART Below:

Free GIMP Tutorial to Create Wall Art from Quotes Graphics and Card Deck Images
I hope the information I have provided might serve as a good place for you to start when blogging.

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