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The Use of Googles Chrome Extensions.

 Chrome Extensions: Google Chrome is the most ubiquitous and preferred browser among netizens. Period. Why?

Googles Chrome Extensions Browser has a clean and minimal design, opens everything online in a blink, is platform-independent, has complete Google account integration, and has a robust extension ecosystem.

Explore more from Google Chrome Browser by adding the valuable browser extensions

Google Chrome extention Browser searrch ares

In simple terms, browser extensions for Chrome are programs used to add extra functionalities to Googles Chrome Extensions web browser that help to improve the user experience through personalization and customization of the browser behavior.

Thus, it allows users to perform specific online tasks efficiently, get more from the websites, reduce distractions, and become more productive.

Also, note that the extensions are supported on the desktop versions of the Google Chrome web browser and are compatible with the Opera web browser ever since Opera shifted to the chromium extension model, but are not compatible with Android's Chrome browser.

The following video explains the importance of the Chrome Extensions:

Google Chrome Extensions explained

So, are you taking advantage of the best Google Chrome extensions? Check out below a few of the popular Chrome extensions available for you to try right now for increasing your productivity as a blogger and helping you with creating fresh and updated content for your website.

The following Chrome Extensions will ease work and allow you to focus on important daily tasks to do your jobs in far less time.

1.  Momentum

Momentum is a free Google Chrome extension that replaces your dull "New Tab" with fresh landscape photos, positive quotes, and mantras daily.

You get quick access to links and local weather, and it also helps you stay focused on your work by prompting you to note down your primary task and daily to-do list.

Momentum replaces your daily dull browser interface with beautiful photos

Momentum's Daily Focus Feature Google Chrome

Google Chrome Extensions: Momentum Plus, a premium subscription for $3.33/month that supports integrations and syncing with task management platforms such as GitHub, Google Tasks, Microsoft To-do, Trello, and Basecamp; add your images or choose from the Momentum library; and offers services such as autofocus mode, soundscapes, and tab groups, among other premium features.

If you feel distracted for hours while scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, then you seriously need to install this fantastic free Chrome extensions called Newsfeed Eradicator for Facebook

Newsfeed Eradicator for Facebook replaces unwanted newsfeed with an inspirational quote

Newsfeed Eradicator for Facebook using Chrome Extensions

The Chrome Extensions deletes the most addicting part of Facebook—the newsfeed—and replaces it with an inspiring quote, thus allowing you to access the valuable features of Facebook while not being distracted from your productive hours.

Apart from Facebook, the extension also works with other social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, Y-Combinator News (Hacker News), and Github.

Likewise, it is easy to uninstall News Feed Eradicator to get back your social media newsfeed if it is easy to install.

Have you ever wondered how your productivity increases if you can read online content half or a third time? Your content research could be done in half the time, and you save time by completing your work much faster.

It happens when you install this fantastic free Google Chrome extension called Swiftread to help you with speed reading with an assisted reading technology called Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP).

- Swiftread shows only a single word at a time, so you do not have to move your eyeball.

Speed Reading fast Learn more with gooble chrome extension

With the Swiftread extension, you can start reading any text much faster simply by pasting the text into the reader.

Take a reading test and see the difference now!!!

A SwiftRead Pro Version is also available to customize your reading extension for your Kindle Books, PDFs, and ePUBs with your choice of fonts and colours for just $29 for lifetime use or $2.99/month.

OminiDrive is a great Chrome extension that helps you locate any file on your extensive Google Drive right from the Chrome address bar (also known as 'Omnibox' in Google Lingo). It becomes your go-to speed-search tool if you use Google Drive as your primary Office App Suite to keep your files like documents, spreadsheets, presentations, archive files, etc.

1. Type "Google Chrome Extensions" with Omnibox installed. Search bar

Omnibox Search bar

OmniDrive helps to search files on Google Drive faster

Results showing Google Chrome Extension

With this OmniDrive extension, type "drive" into the search bar, press the spacebar, and then type in the file name or a word or phrase you are looking for in Google Drive, then press Enter, and the Google Drive page opens in the browser window with all the search results.

Remember to allow access to OmniDrive to your Google account before using it.

ClickUp is a productivity-based Chrome extension used to keep track of all kinds of content you are publishing online. It's known to be a revolutionary Chrome extension task management software that replaces other apps to help you do things like creating and managing tasks.

Collaborating with a team, documenting, sharing, real-time tracking, working with screenshots, attaching emails and notes to created tasks; thus, it becomes beneficial for the marketing team.

The video introduces you to ClickUP:

The use 0f ClickUp to keep track of contnet you publish online

Introduction to Google Chrome extension - CliclUp

The free forever Chrome extension allows you to create new ClickUp tasks right from your browser without switching tabs, thus making both your personal and professional life easier and more productive.

StayFocusd Chrome extension helps you overcome procrastination and restricts the time you spend on certain time-wasting websites like Reddit, Facebook, or YouTube so that you do not wander around and lose your focus online and can concentrate on productive jobs.

Stayfocusd helps you to overcome procrastination by blocking unnecessary websites after a specific time

Stay focus with chrome extensions

It is highly configurable, assisting you in blocking or allowing access to the preferred websites, so once the allotted time has been used up, the website is blocked for the rest of the day. 

Awesome Screenshot is known to be the best and easiest screen capture tool

Use this Google Chrome ExtensionsTools for capturing Scheeshots

Awesome Screenshot is a free screen capture and screenshot Google Chrome extension tool to help you work more efficiently online.

This tool can be helpful when you like to record, save, and share any process or issue on your desktop, tab, or camera while including your voice through the microphone in your video.

For the Screenshot, you can take an entire page, a selected area or visible part of a screen, or any application window, and you can also annotate the Screenshot to save and share it in formats like PNG JPG or PDF format. 

This awesome Screenshot helps when you use expository content on your blog or website.

If you create a lot of explanatory content for your website, and Awesome Screenshot is a perfect blessing!

Mark anything online and save it to your personal Evernote Account

Add chrome extension with Evernote image

The Evernote Web Clipper Google Chrome Extension allows you to save interesting things directly to your online Evernote account; it simplifies online research by capturing ideas and inspiration; and it allows you to manage articles, web pages, and screenshots.

So, if you are an avid Evernote user, why not add this Chrome extension to extend your productivity.

The Evernote Web Clipper will copy, store, and allow you to customize the screenshots and keep your online content organized in the relevant Evernote notebook.

Loom Free screen and Cam Recorder in browser

Edit your videos effortless with Google Chrome

Loom is a free Chrome extension that allows you to record your computer screen and camera with a single click. You can save, share, and collaborate with other team members with speed and simplicity with this extension for reasons like: 

  • Collecting testimonials
  • Giving feedback
  • Creating new feature tutorials
  • Creating online course lessons
  • Real-time support FAQ videos

As shown in the image above, Loom extensions allow you to seamlessly switch between screencasting your desktop or an open Chrome tab while displaying your live face in a bubble on the screen.

You can easily edit your video through the Loom extension browser extension. With the upgraded version, you can record for an unlimited time, which you can easily share with your team members. 

Loom is the perfect tool to record videos for online courses.

Bookmark multiple links to open them in numerous tabs with a single click

Bookmark multiple links with chrome

Linkclump is a valuable and straightforward Chrome extension that allows you to select, open,  and bookmark multiple links simultaneously.

With this extension installed in your Chrome browser, you can drag a selection box around your search result page links to quickly open all of them in new tabs super. Thus, you can research your content at rapid-fire speed and save your precious time.

Keywords Everywhere shows you monthly search volume, CPC & competition data for multiple websites

Google Chrome Extension used with this Keyword everywhere 

Keywords Everywhere is a Chrome extension that offers free keyword research. The app organizes the monthly search volume, competition data, and CPC on more than ten web pages.

The built-in tools help find the keywords from the seed keywords with a high ranking in the SERPs. It also lets you explore the Google keywords with SEO difficulty metrics, related keywords people are looking for, and trending charts.

Furthermore, the extension analyses the organic traffic to extract the top 5000 keywords from popular websites and web pages.

Paid users will also get access to see the historical search volume and the trending chart.

SocialBlade shows you the reliable user statistics for your YouTube channel

Building a Better Social Blade Community with Chrome Extensions

If the blog page requires YouTube statistics, SocialBlade is what you need right now. The YouTube statistics let you know whether the channel is doing well or not. You will get to analyze – Building a Better Social Blade Community

  • Monthly earnings from the channel
  • Daily subscribers and viewers
  • Used video tags
  • % of growth over the last 30 days
  • Ranking of subscribers and views

It also shows the live subscriber count through a link. You can also link your other social media accounts to reach the targeted audience.

Automatically save and cite your online reference easily with Airstory Research Web Clipper

Online copywriter reference with Web Clipper

For Blogging, Airstory Research Web Clipper is a must-have Chrome extension. The browser lets you drag your desired quotes and images without following the traditional copy-and-paste method. Also, it is effortless to handle.

To use the feature, one can click on the Airstory icon in the browser and highlight the clip or snippet needed for Blogging. Tag the snippet or quote for further use by saving it inside Airstory.

Grammarly checks grammar, spelling, writing style, and tone

Online using Corome extension for Grammarly assistance

Grammarly covers up the minute flaws you have in your blog content. The extension eliminates the writing errors and the words that fit the sentence accurately. It can be coupled with LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Docs, Gmail, etc.

Practicing with the Grammarly assistant improves writing quality. It also shows the readability score that helps you reach your target audience smoothly. Not just the spelling errors, it also fixes the misplaced punctuations and unclear sentences.

Grammarly premium offers sentence clarity by adjusting the words and tones. The built-in tone detector analyses your entire content to identify the tone and suggests edits that maintain the continuity. It also lets you adjust the tone from business to semi-formal to a friendly tone.

Google Dictionary automatically translates the word into your language

Definition or meaning with a small pop-up bubble  with chrome.

Google Dictionary is another chrome extension that allows you to read the definition or meaning with a small pop-up bubble. You can use the toolbar dictionary for the detailed meaning or definition of a word or phrase. Here you can store those newly learned words for further appreciation. It also supports some of the most used languages in the world.

attention-grabbing visual effects that bring the audience to your blog.

chrome extensions Showing effect of the EyeDropper

ColorPick Eyedropper offers attention-grabbing visual effects that bring the audience to your blog. The chrome extension lets you select a particular from the web page that effortlessly fits your blog content.

The hex colour code has an exact match to each of your content. The vibrant colour with catchy titles makes the blog look put together. Thus, it helps in bringing more traffic to your website. It also has different tools to get the desired outcome.

Font Ninja allows to identify, choose, and use from 3000+ popular fonts

Various fonts and designs with the use of Chrome

Fonts Ninja lets you design your blog page with various fonts and designs. Furthermore, the extension is open for free trials. So, one can use the fonts instantly without buying them.

What makes it more attractive is that fonts may be used in any software – be it Photoshop, InDesign, or Sketch, it will make your simple design look stunning. With a massive collection of over 3000+ fonts, Font Ninja allows you to improve your design without limitations.

The Chrome Extensions for Google Security

LastPass secures your online life by keeping your confidential information safe

LastPass showing some items for the safe vault

Blogging involves so much password-encrypted confidential information. Hence, in emergencies, forgetting those passwords can create chaos. LastPass is a chrome extension that creates a safe vault with one password. Here you can register other passwords.

The browser extension does not get settled in the toolbar like others. Once you create a strong password, LastPass will start gathering the details. Also, you don't have to worry about your saved passwords. All data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level only.

ExpressVPN allows you to browse online content anonymously

Chromes One Click to private browsing

ExpressVPN secures the tunnel between your linked devices from snooping and censorship. It is a proxy VPN extension for the Chrome browser to search the web anonymously.

Chrome Extensions: The extension can run on mobile and computer simultaneously. ExpressVPN is a private virtual network that hides your IP and location and allows you to choose from 160 virtual locations to browse the internet with optimum security and privacy.

Ghostery enables faster browsing by blocking ads and trackers

Use Chrome extensions with Ghostery cleaner tracker

Ghostery is another secure browser extension that lets you scroll through the web privately. It also blocks the unnecessary add pop-ups beside your web pages. The extension detects JavaScript trackers and tags to remove embedded beacons and bugs in the websites.

The extension reports the detected and blocked tracking packages. Once configured, Ghostery displays the trackers present on the page. The other functionalities let the users personalize. 

Extensity allows to switch between extensions through the Profiles feature.

Enable and disable extensions with one click

Extensity is a simple Google Chrome Extensions Manager and helps you keep your toolbar clean. It can manage multiple extensions altogether, making your work smooth.

Enable and disable extensions with one click, and sync it with the chrome cloud storage; it also allows the system to organize all the extensions into profiles.

Not all extensions will be helpful for all. One must go through the blog content and look for the lacunas. And for the rest, these chrome extensions are already there to promote the blog page.  

So, there you have It.

"Useful Google Chrome Extensions," to help your profit. There are a few good tips and information, from having the right tools to having the right mindset for running your marketing endeavors.

These tips will have your marketing efforts paying off, and you will probably wonder why you did not take this on sooner.

I hope this information can be a useful starting point for you in your Blogging.

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